Friday, February 06, 2009

Trivia Answers #32

Answers to my random leftovers trivia quiz...

1. In a dusty file room in a sub-basement somewhere in Legion HQ stand some file cabinets. Next to the one marked "Substitute Heroes" (no, really, there was a filing cabinet) is a cabinet labeled "Secret Weapons". What did we ever see that was in that cabinet?

Kid Psycho, Secret Weapon #1. I don't think we ever found out any other Secret Weapons. Here's a recap of his first (and only) significant appearance prior to his death. Scroll about halfway down for the filing cabinet scene.

2. Where would you find Mog Vagor, Nimbok of Vaalor, and Duke Harrington of Maine?
Shanghalla, of course. Mog and Nimbok were buried there (or will be), and Duke has a blog of the same name. The Comic Treadmill has a picture from ADV 341 of the various burial sites.

3. In the suit he wore to his first tryout, which Legionnaires' powers did ERG-1 demonstrate?
Superboy, Chemical King, Colossal Boy, Shrinking Violet, and Phantom Girl. Too bad he blew himself up.

4. Last week's issue of LSH v5 was "written" by a pseudonymous person named "Justin Thyme". Other than Jim Starlin's "Steve Apollo" (which is too obvious and too well-known), can you come up with another pseudonym who worked on a Legion (or related) book, and who was behind the fake name?
I can't believe this one was revealed so quickly. The one I was thinking of was Barry Jameson, who wrote several issues of "Karate Kid" in the late 70s, who was actually David Michelinie, sometimes with a young Paul Levitz. According to John Censullo's Karate Kid Index (pdf), the name was derived from his middle name "Barry" and his father's name "James". Legion Archives volume 12 says that "Barry Jameson" is a pen name for the co-writing team of David Micheline and Paul Levitz.

5. What's the significance of "Zeeta-Y, Zeeta-Y, Zeeta-Y"?
It's the secret Legion code that summons all the Legionnaires wherever they are to return to the Clubhouse, as seen in the first part of the original Computo story (ADV 340). Or course, it was never used again (as far as I know). [Thanks to Amarta at the DC message boards for this one.]

6. Name three instances in which we saw Kryptonite affect different non-Kryptonians (in a Legion-related context).
The Emerald Eye was shown to be vulnerable; Gold K took the powers away from Darkseid's Superman Servant; it was part of the serum Mon-El used to stay out of the Phantom Zone; Streaky received his powers from X-Kryptonite; and in a comment that came out just today from Andrew, an unnamed Durlan in the Super-Stalag of Space is killed by "Kryptonite force-rings" that we're told would "kill anyone, Kryptonian or not".
[Thanks to elsofer from the DC Message board for that one]

7. Not counting Supergirl, who was the first Legion reject to appear on a cover?
It was the green guy with the camera eye, on the cover of ADV 307 (Element Lad's intro). Thanks to the Comic Treadmill for picking that one out. He was never given an official name, but general consensus is that his code name was "Camera Eye".


Terence Chua said...

Gold K took the powers away from Darkseid's Superman Servant...

Um, wasn't the Servant technically Kryptonian?

Michael said...

I suppose you could technically look at it that way....