Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The final fate of Superboy-Prime?

In the latest 20 Questions with Dan Didio, he answers this question in video format (at the 2:07 mark): Will we be seeing Superboy-Prime any more after the end of Legion of 3 Worlds?

The answer:

Well, if you read the end of Legion of 3 Worlds which came out on Wednesday the 22nd, you know exactly where Superboy-Prime is right now, you know exactly where he's interacting, and you could be chatting with him right now.

Totally uninformed speculation: Maybe Superboy-Prime goes back to Earth-Prime (home of DC Comics).

This was obviously taped ahead of time, with the expectation that it would be seen after L3W #5 comes out (tomorrow).


brainypirate said...

I think Dan is hinting that he IS Superboy-Prime.

I guess a lot of DC readers might agree with that as well, eh?

Anonymous said...

AHHHH!!!! Spoiler!!! Spoiler!!! I hope no little "birds" are listening.

Michael said...

The issue is out so I can post it now:

Ha! Superboy-Prime is back on Earth-Prime and posting on the DC message boards.