Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Annotated "Legion of Three Worlds" #5

Almost a year ago - August 19, 2008 - I posted these words:

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more,
Or close the wall up with rebooted dead!
... I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot!
Follow your spirit; and upon this charge
Cry 'Long Live the Legion! Annotate on!'

So, 11 months later we finally have issue 5 of "Legion of 3 Worlds".

Doing these annotations has been fun for me, trying to see what I can remember with my aging feeble mind, but I have had to look a lot of stuff up. It would have been next to impossible without the internet. And of course, you guys, who help me with what I didn't get. So thanks for playing along, we'll do one more shot at this.

Page 1
  • Superman, L1 Lightning Lad, L1 Saturn Girl and L1 Cosmic Boy at Vanishing Point at the end of time as scenes from the Legion's past appear (as seen via cover shots). Clockwise from upper left: the war between Krypton and Earth (ADV 333); Triplicate Girl's death at the tentacles of Computo (ADV 340); Polar Boy leads the new Legionnaires (which issue is this?); the rebooted L2 Legion (LSH v4 0); Darkseid (Great Darkness Saga TPB); Superboy joins the Legion (ADV 247); Rokk restarts the Legion (LSH v4 1); the SW6 Legionnaires appear (LGS 1); the Legion vs the Sun-Eater (ADV 352); Superboy right before his death (LSH v3 37); the L.E.G.I.O.N. (L.E.G.I.O.N. '89 1).

Page 2
  • Superboy/Conner fights Superboy-Prime with L2 and L3 Ultra Boys.

Page 3
  • L2 Andromeda, Superboy, L1 Polar Boy, L2 Wildfire, and XS along with Sodam Yat and the whole brand new freakin' Green Lantern Corps (or are those just constructs?). Bart and Conner were members of the Teen Titans prior to Final Crisis; Conner was a Titan when he traveled to the future and became a Legionnaire.

Page 4
  • Panel 1: L1 Mon-El vs Superboy-Prime in the 31st century, Superman and L1 Lightning Lad vs Time Trapper at the end of time.
  • Panel 3: A Dominator appears through a rift in reality. This is the panel that makes the rest of the story possible - a way to access every parallel universe and every Legion that's ever existed. Right at this panel I knew my annotating skills were going to be put to the test later.
  • Panel 4: L1 Cosmic Boy and L1 Saturn Girl contact all three Brainiac 5's, Gates, and L3 Light Lass.

Page 5
  • Panel 1: L2 Andromeda, L2 Valor, L1 Sun Boy, and L1 Polar Boy vs Superboy-Prime.
  • Panel 5: L1 Wildfire - "Stay away from my girl." Nice!
  • Panel 6: "Wildfart", heh. Nice sound effect, "NRG".
  • Panel 7: I don't know why she's that concerned, his suit has been blown up before lots of times.

Page 6
  • Panel 2: In a new development, we hear that Kinetix had all of the remaining magicks from Universe-247. And Mordru ate her. Oops.
  • Panel 3: L1 White Witch and Blok, vs Terrus (who apparently is made of flying insects).
  • Panel 4: Not sure whose boots are in the upper left corner, but that's L3 Chameleon Boy, L3 Colossal Boy, L2 Kid Quantum, L3 Saturn Girl, L3 Star Boy, L1 Chameleon Girl, L1 Invisible Kid, L2 Ferro, L2 Sensor, and L2 Timber Wolf getting blasted by Mordru.
  • Panel 5: Dr. Regulus, Silver Slasher, L1 Lightning Lord, Mist Master, and Mano
  • Panel 6: L2 Violet vs Titania with L1 White Witch looking on, not sure who's getting blasted

Page 7
  • Panel 4: L2 Wildfire has helped out L1 Wildfire.
  • Panel 9: In Final Crisis, Superboy (Conner) died in the arms of his girlfriend Wonder Girl.

Page 8
  • Panel 4: Now it gets interesting. What they do to Superboy-Prime in the 31st century affects him at Vanishing Point, although the synchronization of things in two different time periods always makes my brain hurt.
  • Panel 9: The Time Trapper's story is retconned, but in the sense of "what you saw before was true but there's more to it". L1 Brainy theorizes that the Trapper is a "sentient alternate timeline rebelling against ours. His own history changes, I'd guess even his identity could alter, as the true timeline marches on."
  • Panel 11: L1 Cosmic Boy is about to give me a headache in a few pages...

Page 9
  • the L1 Legion founders link their powers to send a multi-universal distress signal. Interestingly, in panel 8, the years in which Saturn Girl sends out her signals are going forward, from 3058 to 3104 A.D., instead of backwards to 3009 (or so).

Page 10-11
    I think I actually yelled "Yeah!" when I saw this. Then I said "oh shit I'm going to have to identify all of them for the annotations." We've got multiple versions of the same Legionnaires - I think Perez just wanted to draw every costume variation ever. And they did say we'd see everyone who was ever a Legionnaire (though this also includes some from the L.E.G.I.O.N, the Legion Academy, and other associates too). Let's see how well I do. Roughly top to bottom in columns, then left to right:

  • Unknown (blue pants), Tiger Girl (name never officially given, applicant), unknown (fire guy), L1 Sensor Girl (v3 costume); L3 Dream Girl, L1 Laurel Gand (from the v4 retcon of Supergirl), Thunder, L1 Duo Damsel (1970s), L1 Duo Damsel (1980s), L1 Polar Boy (v3 costume), L1 Karate Kid II, L1 Laurel Gand (v4), unknown silver hand, Crystal Kid, L1 Shrinking Violet (1970s), L2 Leviathan, Devlin O'Ryan
  • Unknown green suit and boots, Power Boy, Celeste Rockfish as Green Lantern, L1 Lightning Lass (v3), L2 Dragonmage (new costume?), L1 Mon-El, unknown gold container, L1 Stone Boy, Kono, Kid Psycho, L1 Ultra Boy (original costume), Kent Shakespeare, L1 Violet (v4)
  • L1 Supergirl (Crisis-era), L3 Triplicate Girl, L1 Triplicate Girl (1960s), L2 Triad, L1 Porcupine Pete, L1 Saturn Girl (ADV 247 costume), L1 Cosmic Boy (ADV 247 costume), L1 Lightning Lad (ADV 247 costume), Computo, L1 Bouncing Boy, L1 Cosmic Kid, L1 Color Kid, L2 Ferro, Strata
  • L2 Karate Kid, L1 Wildfire (boots), L1 Lightning Lad, Laurel Kent, Visi-Lad, L1 Invisible Kid I, L2 Inferno, Proty II, Veilmist
  • Atmos, L1 Cosmic Boy, L1 Cosmic Boy (1970s), L2 Sensor (snake version), L3 Colossal Boy (?), Streaky, Chemical King, L1 Timber Wolf (1970s), L1 Insect Queen, L2 Umbra
  • L1 Infectious Lass, Dawnstar (1970s, behind the caption), Stealth, Tellus, L1 Saturn Girl, Computo (as majordomo), Lightning Lad (1970s), Catspaw, Kinetix (original costume), Quislet, Colossal Boy (1960s), Lady Quark, Calamity King, Saturn Girl (1970s), Chameleon Boy (1960s)
  • Bloodclaw's boots, unnamed Academy member, Night Girl, L1 Invisible Kid II, L2 Matter-Eater Lad, L1 Element Lad (1970s), Krypto, L3 Cosmic Boy, Elastic Lad, Beppo, Princess Projectra (1970s), Tyroc, Firefist
  • L1 Phantom Girl (1970s), L2 Element Lad, Reflecto, L1 Spider-Girl (hair only), Flederweb's arm, Plant Lad, Echo, Monstress, Furball.

    That's 100 characters. Scott Koblish said there were 101. Who did I miss?

Page 12:
  • Panel 1: Shikari tied up by Spider-Girl, Mist Master, Magno Lad, Micro Lad, Dr. Regulus (?), Grimbor, Gear, Lazon, and who's that in the red and black getting hit?
  • Panel 3: Saturn Queen watches as Mordru blasts Blok

Page 13:
  • Saturn Queen, Cosmic King, Chameleon Chief, Radiation Roy, Spider-Girl, Tharok, and Echo(?) watch as Mysa absorbs Mordru's magicks (and by extension, those of Kinetix from Universe-247). She wins, but at the cost of turning her from White magic to Black.

Page 14:
  • Panel 1: L3 Lightning Lad vs Validus. If that's L3 Saturn Girl, shouldn't she be thinking instead of saying that?
  • Panel 2: L2 Saturn Girl, Kid Quantum, and Tyr
  • Panel 3: L1 Lightning Lord, Mano, Chameleon Chief, Earth-Man, Black Mace, Tusker, unknown glowing girl
  • Panel 4: L1 Bouncing Boy's back!
  • Panel 5: L1 Lightning Lass
  • Panel 6: L1 Duplicate Damsel! That's new, although Geoff Johns mentioned this at the Legion panel at the 2008 San Diego con.
    Q: Will we see more of the Legion Subs?
    A: Johns kind of sidestepped that one, but said that (he paused at this point, and said "what the hell, I'll spoil it here") he had big plans for Luornu (who he suggested be called "Una Damsel"): "I don't know how I got anything done with just three of me". She will be called Duplicate Damsel and can multiply into many, not just three.

Page 15:
  • Panel 2: That's Phase and Garv from the L.E.G.I.O.N.
  • Panel 3: This must be the 1960s-era Supergirl. She has the big "S" logo, so it's not the Crisis-era or 1970s hot-pants era, and it's not the crop-top Supergirl who was with the L3 Legion.
  • Panel 4: Ultra Boy as v4-era Green Dragon
  • Panel 5: L2, L1 (1970s), and L3 Colossal Boys, with L2 Cosmic Boy, Blok (v3 chains), and unknown
  • Panel 6: L1 Lightning Lad (1960s with robot arm), L2 Inferno, L1 Wildfire (1970s), unknown woman, L3 Lightning Lad, SW6 Inferno

Page 16:
  • Panel 1: In the background, that's L1 Star Boy (1960s), Kinetix, L1 Dream Girl (1960s), Quislet, Sensor, Monstress (orange), L1 Cosmic Boy, L1 Phantom Girl, Blok, Superman, L1 Saturn Girl, L1 Lightning Lad, L2 Cosmic Boy
  • Panel 6: Evolvo Lad, L1 Shrinking Violet, L2 Spider-Girl, L1 Brainiac 5 (1960s), L2 Dreamer, Comet, and the ADV 247 Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad

    And that's it for the alternate versions. Back to regular L1, L2, and L3 now.

Page 17:
  • Back in the L1 31st century. Superboy-Prime is an idiot.

Page 18:
  • Oh, Brainy says the same thing. Good-bye to Time Trapper and Superboy-Prime, for now.

    Huh. We're 18 pages into a 32-page story and the big fight is over already. Now comes 14 pages of wrap-up and set-up.

Page 19:
  • "The future is always open, nothing is ever set in stone." Pretty much sums it up for the Legion's history, doesn't it?

Page 20:
  • I called it after Dan Didio's 20 questions the other day. Superboy-Prime is back home on Earth-Prime. I wonder if his family had to wait so long for the conclusion of this mini-series? So much for trying to redeem him.

Page 21:
  • Panel 8: Statues of the formerly fallen (L1 Ferro Lad, Triplicate Girl, Invisible Kid I, and Proty; and L2 Monstress and Leviathan) and newly fallen (L1 Karate Kid II, L3 Element Lad, Kinetix, L3 Sun Boy, and L1 Rond Vidar).
  • Panel 9: It's always been "Myg of Lythyl", not "Mygg".
  • Panel 11: First appearance of the guy who will be Karate Kid III.

Page 22:
  • Panel 3: If Sodam Yat is sending out his rings to reconstruct the Green Lantern Corps, who were those guys back on page 3, just constructs?
  • Panels 7-8: this suggests that the ring for sector 2814 has found a worthy bearer. Anyone we might know?

Page 23:
  • Panel 5: On Sorcerer's World. Is that Green Lantern Alan Scott and Raven of the Teen Titans? Not sure who the guy is on top. Mysa says that she's not there to save them.
  • Panel 10: "Evil beware the Black Witch". Doesn't quite sound like she's squeaky-clean Legionnaire material anymore, though she is wearing her Legion ring.

Page 24:
  • Panel 1: OK, who expected Chameleon Boy and Dream Girl to show up in this issue and save the day? I was pleasantly surprised that they did NOT, that would have been too expected. But where are they?
  • Panels 3-6: Starman at McDonald's. "Warrior needs food badly!" Ha! The document in panel 6 says "Last Will and Testament of R. J. Brande".
  • Panel 9: So Earth-Prime is one of the 52 Earths that were reborn after Final Crisis and 52.

Page 25:
  • Panel 1: That settles that. The L3 Legion is the future of Earth-Prime. A few years ago, I noted that we had seen a backup story in which old DC comics were seen and were a part of the plot. At the time, I tried to explain it as the future of a new Earth-2, but that's because we didn't know about the newly revived Earth-Prime yet. So I should get partial credit for catching that.
  • Panel 5: Didn't Livewire get his original arm back?
  • Panel 6: The L2 Legion, who no longer have a universe to go back to, are going out into the multiverse. Kid Quantum misspeaks the name "Shikari".

Page 26
  • Panels 4-5: Arguably the two most favorite L2 Legionnaires are staying with the L1 Legion, XS and Gates.
  • Panels 6-8: It's comedy gold when three Brainiac 5's argue.

Page 27
  • Panel 1: Long Live the Legion!
  • Sometime in here, I'm not exactly sure when, L1 Brainiac 5 shows Superman the Miracle Machine so he can use it when he gets back to the 21st century to help out at the end of Final Crisis (that happened in issue 6 back in January; that issue was supposed to come out after this issue of L3W.)

Page 28
  • Superboy and Kid Flash return to the present and meet their fellow Titans.

Page 29-30
  • The meta-commentary here is that the former Superboy-Prime is now just a guy living in his parents basement, surrounded by comics and trolling message boards. The "Can Superboy Prime be redeemed?" thread on the DC Message Board is a real one (and now has someone posting as Superboy Prime). It was pointed out there that the Earth-Prime version of this issue has page 29 on the left side of the page (as shown on page 30), while our version has page 29 on the right.

THE END... for now.

So, some plot points that are ready for a new Legion series:
1. The Black Witch and Sorcerer's World
2. What happened to Luornu that she's now Duplicate Damsel?
3. Karate Kid III and Lythyl
4. Earth's new Green Lantern
5. Where are Chameleon Boy, Dream Girl, Element Lad, Matter-Eater Lad, Quislet, Sensor Girl, Tellus, and Tyroc?
6. What is Brande's top secret mission for Starman in the 21st century?
7. The L2 Legion is going wandering into the multiverse in search of other survivors from the long-dead parallel Earths.


Alan Williams said...

On pages 10-11, I thought that fire guy was a weird version of Fire Lad of the Subs.

Page 12: I think that's a miscolored Night Girl getting hit; the hairstyle fits.

Page 25: I remember that same backup story with the comic books and even then thought, "Is this some kind of Earth-Prime Legion?" I caught how the Earth-Prime Element Lad's Kryptonite hurt Superboy-Prime when I read the previous issue.

Silver Age Lad said...

I think the Karate Kid and Andrew Nolan at the end of time were the sixties KK and Ferro Lad rather than their later versions.

It's a shame that a Superboy wasn't there and the L.E.G.I.O.N.'s Durlan (RJ Brande). Some of the SW6 and Earth 22 Legionnaires would have been nice as well but hey I'm greedy!

Silver Age Lad said...

Also for Cosmic Kid read Magnetic Kid. Is the guy in the middle who you thought might be Colossal Boy not Capt Comet from L.E.G.I.O.N.

Is the yellow and orange trail on the left under Dream Girl /Sensor Girl Comet Queen for the 101st?

Anonymous said...

What's up with the eye coloring of Superboy (Conner)?

In the main story and cover he has brown eyes but in the Adventure preview and historically he's had blue eyes.

Error? Or Geoff Johns editorial change?

Murray said...

the years in which Saturn Girl sends out her signals are going forward, from 3058 to 3104 A.D., instead of backwards to 3009 (or so).

Those years are significant because 1958 (3058) was the year the Legion debuted, 1989 (3089) was the beginning of the five years later legion, 1994 (3094) was the first reboot, and 2004 (3104) was the threeboot.


Nathan Yeowell said...

Great job annotating - one (possible) correction: on page one, the partially obscured image of Polar Boy looks like the cover of the Subs special from 1985...

brainypirate said...

Wow -- great work annotating the entire series! You should treat yourself to a really extravagant dinner as a reward!

A comment on the series itself: I know on the messages boards that people were complaining that it wasn't really a Legion story and/or that it was too good to be a Final Crisis story.

I had some of the same thoughts: the only significant Legion players are the 3 founders, Brainy, Dawny, Wildfire, Mysa and to a lesser extent, Dirk, Polar Boy and Thom. Everything else was about Supes, Prime, Bart, Connor, and GL. The fact that we get a "Titans Together" cheer really made it seem as though the LSH weren't the stars of their own magazine.

But then I realized that the "Titans Together" cheer is what proves that it really is a Final Crisis story. It's just FC playing out in the 31st century. But it truly was designed to cover several bases of the DCU: The Supes world, the Flash world, the GL world and the Titans world as well as the LSH world(s). So it makes more sense now.

One weird thing about the series: did they really just do away with Trapper and Mordru in the 31st century? (Or will TT keep coming back in new alternate reality forms?) Someone on one of the message boards complained that the problem with most of the reboots is that they never introduced any worthy villains. And now Johns has removed two of the most important. Strange choice....

exnihil said...

Fantastic job as always, Michael. A few points/corrections to those already given:

Page 1 - The Subs shot is from Who's Who in the DC Universe #13

Page 6, Panel 6- That's 3-Boot Timber Wolf being blasted (you can tell from his lack of footwear)

Page 9, Panel 8 - Something interesting about the dates: 3058 (1958, first Legion appearance), 3089 (1989, beginning of 5YL and L.E.G.I.O.N.), 3094 (1994 reboot) 3104 (2004 3-boot) is that they're all 1100 years off as opposed to 1000, but that could just be a lettering mistake.

Page 10-11 - Your first unknown is Shadow Lad; the guy in the center is definitely Captain Comet; in your final bullet you mistakenly list Chlorophyl Kid as "Plant Lad"; the 101st that you missed is Shrinking Violet in her purple reboot costume, behind the caption (you can see her boot and fist)

Page 12, panel 1 - I want to say that's a mis-colored Night Girl (though for half a second I thought it was an unmasked Satan Girl!)

Page 14, panel 3 - "unknown glowing girl" is Beauty Blaze

Page 16, panel 6 - That's not Evolvo Lad, but rather Telepath from L.E.G.I.O.N

Page 23, panel 5 - Maybe Blue Devil on top there (isn't he magic-based, these days?)

Keith said...

I'm pretty sure the intent is for all those GLs to be constructs. They lack the shading seen in actual characters.

I totally geeked out when the rings went on their searches and one hit 2814.

Michael Dietsch said...

You have a couple of references to FINAL CRISIS that should actually reference INFINITE CRISIS.

Michael said...

Silver Age Lad: yes, that's Capt. Comet's new costume. I knew that wasn't L3 Colossal Boy but I couldn't remember who else it might have been. Yes, it might be Comet Queen, but exnihil said I also missed Shrinking Violet, which would make 102. I'll have to check with Scott Koblish.

Murray: I noticed those years as significant in their last 2 digits, it was the 1100 years difference that threw me off.

Nathan: My first thought was that it was from the Subs Special, but Polar Boy was wearing a different costume there. I couldn't find a cover shot to match - it's because it's not from a cover, as exnihil says.

Brainypirate: Time Trapper can always come back, and Mordru can come back after Mysa kicks him out (or some such handwaving).

exnihil: Thanks for the Subs ID. I thought that was Satan Girl for a moment too. And I thought the glowing girl might have been Beauty Blaze but I didn't think the costumes matched up.

Keith: Did you notice how the GL ring said it found someone, and then we cut to Sun Boy?

I'll check back later and make updates, thanks everyone.

Patrick C said...

So to get things straight:

L1 Legion is the New Earth/Earth-0 Legion

L2 Legion is the Earth-247 Legion (although Earth-247 no longer exists)

L3 Legion is the Earth-Prime Legion?

Michael said...

Patrick: Yes on L2 and L3. The L1 Legion is also the old Earth-1 Legion.

anthonyriva said...

I believe Tellus is part of the current Superman/Mon-El storyline so he wouldn't have been part of FC:L3W

Ricardo said...

Page 23, Panel 5: It's Magog, not Blue Devil. You can see that from the type of horns. Remember that DC is definitely building him to be a big player at DCU.
Page 24: Good catch indeed. The plot was introduced by Shooter in his toying with Projectra.

Three comments:

- Has real-time chronology been reestablished by Johns after that time counting effect?
- Isn't Earth-Prime a kind of another Earth that exists APART from all other 52 Earths because it is real?
- Apparently not only the 52 earths are not the limit anymore, but there is a whole multiverse out of those 52 Earths. Welcome back, old DCU.

And 2 plot points still open:

- Whatever happened to all those other characters not from L2 or L3? If TMK still exists, where are they? And why was L.E.G.I.O.N. summoned?
- What or (better yet) when was supposed to happen the "cut" into L1 storyline that created Johnsboot?

And finally why was it really necessary to pull the plug on L3 like it was? From this story, nothing seemed really necessary UNLESS Shooter himself wanted to wrap up his story by showing L3 to be Earth-Prime. This will never be solved...

Anonymous said...

I think the timeline thing is an editorial error. Someone, I assume, thought 30th century starts with 30-- without really thinking about it.

Sort of just like how they always forget that AD proceeds the date. So, it should be AD 2958, not 3058 AD.

Of course, they could be really hip and use BCE and CE instead.


Gloria said...

Well, the terrific bit of news here is... (roll drums)... The return of Bouncing Boy!

I don't know why the recent Legion reboots didn't quite work for me, but I suspect it's because of Chuck Taine's absence (or near to wallpaper role), so, needless to say, I'm glad to see him back and hoping he's back to stay!!

(BTW, this third honeymoon with multiplicate Luornu sounds like it's been a lot of fun)

Infinity13307 said...

I was glad to see all of the Legions, as I have felt that the TMK Legion was getting the shaft. As to what world they're from, it probably won't matter because we'll never see them again, but I always felt they should be from the magic Earth-33 (I think), since magic played such a big part of that series. After all, Glorith was a sorceress who favored time magicks.

kenaustin said...

Great annotations! I'm still going through them, but did want to say that the "unnamed academy member" from column seven of the big double page spread is named Urk. I believe he was only named when the big Giffen Legion poster from the 80's was annotated in the Great Darkness Saga trade.

peter vandeneng said...

michael, you ROCK!

on the doubletruck: i agree with exnihil that that's grev on the left, (blue/black pants) but disagree with you about the little tigery feet nest to him; THAT would be bloodclaw (had to DIG to find a drawing with his legs in...) if the one you're reading as him on the other side is the black clunky boots/leggings, i think that's LOBO. i also think the flamy guy (hee hee) is wildfire from the quislet-assisted energy form era.

i'm joining the subs for tomorrow's review podcast, (YAY!) and i'm thinking that the long priapic squeeeeee that is this spread will be a highlight for all of us.


Jason said...

Well, as we all suspected since wayyy back during The Lightning Saga, the original Legion has been re-established as the main Legion of the main DCU -- and I'm thrilled. :)

One thing that was nice about this... unboot?... was that Geoff had enough courtesy for Legion history to at least keep the other two Legions in existence (post-ZH Legion travelling the multiverse and threeboot Legion going home to Earth Prime) -- instead of erasing them with a bright white light, or sucking them into a empty void of doom. And as Geoff said in an interview today at SDCC, we'll be seeing all the Legions at one point or another in Adventure Comics. :)

Jim Davis said...

Can someone clear up some confusion I have?

Superboy says that Cassie is the woman he loves, yet Superboy-Prime makes threats against Wonder Girl to taunt him.

What am I missing here? I didn't read any of Infinite Crisis or Final Crisis, except Lo3W.

Michael said...

Peter: the tiger-legs in the upper left is from the red-skinned girl on the cover of LSH v3 #14. And while I'm there, the green stumpy guy on the cover is the one whose hand is on the lower left corner of page 11 next to v4 Laurel Gand. The flamey guy on the left looks more like Fire Lad than late v3 Wildfire, though.

I was too lazy to look up whether the guy in the lower right next to Tyroc is Firefist or Bloodclaw. And you're right, those boots do look like Lobo's.

Jim: Wonder Girl's real name is Cassie Sandsmark.

peter vandeneng said...

i've always read that green/silver stumpy guy as one of quislet's 'constructs'... i don't see quis' logo on it, so i could be wrong... will dig out the issue and report back i i find anything interesting... and to continue to disagree (hopefully agreeably... isn't it nice to have this to argue about?); ref bloodclaw at cosmic teams:

we could come up with a *much* shorter list: who DOESN'T appear anywhere?

ted said...

Enjoyed LO3W. However, little disappointed that they never explained why KK I was resurrected or what Una was doing in Countdown. With the Duplicate Damsel threat , hopefully there these points will be addressed in an issue of Adventure.

peter vandeneng said...

yup. stumpy is one of quislet's avatars, p19 & 20.

ti-grrl had time for a costume change between the cover and the book; inside she's bare (red) legged with gold boots w/ a swirly cutout. in her three big panels. four if you count the voting board.

in this gem of an issue we also get to thrill to:
• energy boy (who i had forgotten about - conflating him with the westerner)
• dev-em's bad self
• SPACE FISHIES! (who i had also forgotten about - conflating them with urk)
• shady's perm-helmet, which is AWESOME because steve lightle is AWESOME!
• overheard at dinner (p11): "please, sir-- i prefer my bear."


Bryan-Mitchell said...

I disliked it a great deal. There were good bits like getting a one panel revival of the TMK era and Superboy-Prime hating his future self. But there were more bad than good. Tons of non-sensical retcons. The storyline going from trying to redeem Superboy to pretty much just a big fight. Why would the Legion bother to revive Connor and Bart? What role did they play in the story? For that matter what role did Superman play?

Shadow Kid said...

Amazing annotations as always, Michael! Just a few additions/observations:

Page 2
• Panel 1: L1 Atmos is shown in the cosmic rift next to the Time Trapper's boot. Dagon the Avenger (v1) is shown in the one next to Superman.

Page 6
• Panel 3: I think Terrus' insect make-up is a result of Mysa's magic. I seem to remember her doing something like that back in the Giffen era.
• Panel 5: I don't think the implication is that the LSV has been brought back to life (fast forward to Imra's concern that they've broken the Legion code after the Primes punch each other out of reality). The Legions had simply beaten them into submission, with Mordru's magics reviving their strength.
• Panel 6: that's definitely L3 Timber Wolf getting blasted.

Pages 10-11: (apologies if others have noted some of these already)
• The "unknown blue pants" are definitely the blue skin & boots of L1 Shadow Kid.
• The "unknown fire guy" is absolutely L1 Fire Lad in his Giffen-era Subs uniform (all the rest of the Subs are shown here in their costumes from the Subs Special as well).
• Celeste's Green Lantern-powered codename is Neon.
• That sure looks like Comet Queen's flight path to me. Starshine!
• I'm going to assume that the black cape seen at the bottom left behind the ""unknown silver hand" and v4 Laurel Gand belongs to a member of the Mallor family (possibly even Lyrissa or Lydea from L.E.G.I.O.N.). Does that make 103?
• If memory serves, the "unknown gold container" next to Mon-Elis a version of Computo, from the Polar Boy as leader/new chunky costumes/pre-Magic War v1 era.
• I agree that it's L1 Magnetic Kid over Kent Shakespeare rather than another L1 Cosmic Boy (it would make sense as all 4 of the other "new recruits" are shown in this spread too).
• I also agree that's L1 Ferro Lad rather than L2 Ferro (the other L1 dead Legionnaires are also all here).
• Where's Mentalla? Where's Lamprey? Where's Nightwind? Where's Antenna Lad? Where's Double-Header? Where are the modern-era Subs (especially Rainbow Girl)?

Page 14
• Panel 3: the "unknown glowing girl" is Beauty Blaze and I'm pretty sure that's Ol-Vir in the purple (with mis-colored hair) instead of Tusker (who looks much more stocky/brutish now than he did in v1.)

Page 15
• Panel 5: the "unknown" next to Blok is some version of Shadow Lass.
• Panel 6: the "unknown woman" is Kinetix in her original costume (note the green blast)

Page 25:
• Panel 2: who's that with the long white hair and cape with his/her back to us on the L2 Legion's treadmill? Also, who's that kneeling helping Gear?

Page 29:
• Panel 7: what horrible deed has Prime done to Lori that he's also threatening to do to his parents?

Jim Davis said...

"Wonder Girl's real name is Cassie Sandsmark."

Not Donna Troy? OK, I'm out of touch.

But then who is the blond girl that Supergirl addresses as "Cassie" on page 28 and that Superboy is embracing on page 29? Is that Wonder Girl? Then who is the brunette that looks like Donna Troy on those pages?

Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

Michael said...

Cassie is the new Wonder Girl. Donna is still Donna.

Donna hasn't been Wonder Girl since 1989 when she changed her name to Troia. Cassie Sandsmark picked up the mantle, she's been a member of Young Justice and the Teen Titans.

Here's a whole Wonder Girl history.

brainypirate said...

Darnit! Bryan-Mitchell raised a really good point about the plot of the series: Given the way the SBP story resolved, did they really need Bart and Conner at all? I guess Conner at least helped reveal the nature of the Trapper by scarring his chest, but couldn't one of the Mon-El's have done that instead? And what did Bart contribute?

In other words, I don't see how Bart and Conner contributed to Brainy's plans if all that was needed was to get enough firepower from all the remaining LSH's to knock TT out long enough to bring him into contact with SBP.

Interesting. It seems that their presence here really was more about the rest of the DCU than about what was needed to resolve the SBP storyline here.

Or am I missing something?

Jonathan Miller said...

Bart and Conner freaked S-P out and threw him off balance? That'd be my guess as to Brainy's thinking. Additionally, Brainy knew that Bart, Conner and Sodam Yat had all been instrumental in S-P's defeats in the past; note that he specifically brings those three together again.

Just a guess, though.

Tenzel Kim said...

"If memory serves, the "unknown gold container" next to Mon-Elis a version of Computo, from the Polar Boy as leader/new chunky costumes/pre-Magic War v1 era."

Personally I think it looks extremely much like a miscolored "Unknown" from the Legion Academy.

As for the unidentified character along with GL Alan Scott and Raven at the end that would be the Green Lantern magic named Torquemeda (who was seen along with Alan Scott in the Origins and Omens story in Green Lantern Corps I belive)

Also as for Valor, based on the costume he is wearing I think he should actually be named M'Onel (the name he took for himself) as he appears in this issue.

Anonymous said...

Page 16, panel 6: That's Telepath of L.E.G.I.O.N., not Evolvo Lad.

Asteroid Al said...

Was Superboy-Prime really powerless at the end of the story? I thought his eyes glowing red implied he was still powerful (in some fashion), and his threat "Remember what I did to Lori?" indicated his parents were powerless against him (as would be the police).

Tenzel Kim said...

A few characters that are not named earlier in the annotation for issue five show up on page 25:

In panel 1 we see L3 Phantom Girl and L3 Shadow Girl

In panel 2 we see L3 Princess Projectra

Tenzel Kim said...

Oh, one more thing:

"L2 Dragonmage (new costume?)"

That costume actually looks like the costume the L1 Dragonmage who was in the SW6 Legion wore.

jefhamlin said...

Great, GREAT work, Michael!

I have only two rhetorical questions left:

Why didn't Ferro stay on New Earth since he comes from the same continuity that XS did?

And why did Superboy's Earth-Prime return intact when Power Girl's Earth-2 did not?

MaGnUs said...

Great job, man!

I wish one of the alternate Quislets had spoken, but I'm glad we saw him... and Geoff Johns told me personally that he has plans for Quislet!!!

Oh, I didn't notice it was Mygg instead of Myg... and they call "Shikari" "Shakari".

Mike A. said...

@ Jonathan Miller: I think that's EXACTLY what Brainy had planned. He knows that S-Prime was mentally unstable and the incusion of those three (Conner, Bart, Sodam) would be enough to throw him off his game.

Crappy said...

Since DC has been completely mum on identifying the post-52 Earth-1, is it possible that the pre-Crisis Earth-Prime is the recreated post-52 Earth-1?

Just trying to avoid 52+New Earth+Anti-Matter Earth+Earth-Prime.

Note Brainy's hair in FC #6 is a LITTLE bit shorter.

Anyone else think the art on pages 25-29 seemed rushed?

And I agree with Jonathan Miller, and Tenz, excellent ID on Torquemeda.

WhiteDwarfStar said...

On Earth-1: See TRINITY #52. The new Earth-1 is basically the same as the old Earth-One.

Greybird said...

Scott Koblish has posted a piece of George Pérez's original drawing. It shows the three Legionnaires (making the total 102) obscured by the decorative caption on the pgs. 10-11 spread (left to right):

Nightwind, Kid Quantum I (labeled as "Quantum Kid"), and Dawnstar (labeled as "Just Before Zero Hour") ... thus without her wings.

You can guess that this last character's being hidden didn't really bother me very much. {rueful smile}

GACN said...

Hi. I found your site by accident a short while after Issue 5 came out, and I have a few thoughts that have been mulling over in my head.

Do you think that the Superboy-Prime we are left with at the end of the series is the one who started it off?

Something I noticed about Prime's girlfriend -- In issue 3 he called her "Laurie" (Superman called her Laurie also), but by issue 4 he is calling her "Lori", not "Laurie", "Lori".

It may just be an innocent lettering mistake, but you never know with these parallel universes.

Usually found on the Golden Age Comics Download site.

MaGnUs said...

Boox: I didn't notice that, I'll check it and note it in my column, with props to you.

GACN said...

Well, I typed "Issue 4" but I meant to type "Issue 5" -- heck, maybe I'm from an alternative universe also! :-) ::lol::

But I definitely mean to type "Issue 5".


MaGnUs said...

Just checked, and her name is indeed Laurie, not Lori. On issue five they also call Shikari "Shakari". Check my next column at The Dissector. :)

Jim Drew said...

On page 3, the "Green Lantern Corps" are all green and glowing, so definitely ring constructs.

On page 10, the only one I know with a silver hand with no fingers like that is Rom: Spaceknight. Doubtful! The legs and green body suit at the top of column 2 is a late 1960s Shrinking Violet; you can tell by the scale, since she's small but in front of Power Boy. In column 3, that is L1 Ferro Lad; L2 has bumps on his faceplate. And in column 4, that's the SW6 Inferno; L2 Inferno is female.

On page 15, panel 5, you like totally missed Comet Queen.

Page 20: Lori and Jerri, vs. Laurie and Jerry? Two typos, or a clue that this ain't quite the right Earth?

Page 22, panel 13: that's Legion HQ being rebuilt.

Page 25, panel 2: between L3 Val and Lu being here and Duplicate Damsel's comment about her other self dying, please put a stake through the heart of the idea that it was the L3 KK/DD who died in Countdown!

Page 32: at least Prime has the wherewithal to use a Mac!

MaGnUs said...

A Mac? No, not with a distinct CPU tower.

Adam Crouch said...

On the first page that Polar Boy panel is the Who's Who entry I believe. I know that was from ten years ago, but if you care ha