Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Koblish @ SDCC09, plus L3W out today

Here's some more from L3W inker Scott Koblish. Sorry I won't be there to meet you this year, Scott!

July 12:

San diego Comic-Con is coming up and i just want to let folks know that I'll be doing sketches of any Legionnaire, for the price of a donation to the Hero Initiative! I'll be at the Hero Initiative Booth [#907] from 6:30 through 9pm on Wednesday night at the San Diego Comic-Con. Come one, come all, it's for a good cause.

Special note - you can throw me all the curves you like - the Legion has many very distinct and insane design histories, but if it's super-crazy, bring a little reference for me, so I can do the character justice!

Come on, let's see some super-crazy for Scott!

July 21:
In addition to drawing sketches of whatever Legionnaires the crowd wants in return for a reasonable charitable donation (I'm going to leave it up to the charity to figure out what the cost should be, although I'm sure it will be reasonable), I'll also have these little sketch cards I did up today. I drew about 20 of them, all in their Lo3W's costumes, 16 are here...

And finally, also from July 21, a sneak at some panels shows two long-absent Legionnaires, whose initials are KS and Q! Are they part of a dream, a hoax, or an imaginary story? We'll find out later today!


Elayne said...

You forgot the most important question - what color will Scott's hair be this week? (Last time I saw him it was Joker-green.)

Nikki said...

I love the ranzzs look so alike on the sketch cards. Every artist should remember ayla's first story but not all of them show it.

J.D. Long said...

I can't believe I spent close to $5.00 waiting on this book for almost 6 months. It was good; but not THAT good.

Anybody else notice the Earth-1 Kara Zpr-El on the big spread sheet of legionairres?

brainypirate said...

I was kinda curious what Saturn Girl's summons must have looked like for the people being called into battle. Did a big rift open up in the sky along with Imra's voice in their heads? Would anyone else have been able to see this rift? If I were in Metropolis when Supergirl got the call, could I have seen a glimpse of the Trapper through a hole in the sky?