Sunday, July 19, 2009

Legion of Three Worlds #5 out this week

OK, so it's 7 months late (originally should have shipped last December for a monthly book that started last August). We already know part of how it ends from other books that came out months ago - [redacted until the issue comes out since I figured it was common knowledge]

Back in April, when we were told that issue 5 should be coming out in June, I ran a poll asking you when you thought it would come out.

June - 13%
July - 37%
August - 51%
(doesn't add to 100% due to rounding)

Of the 138 people who voted, just 4% correctly picked this week (6 people).

With the last issue coming out the day that the San Diego Comic Con starts, should make for some interesting discussion. All of the other Final Crisis blogger have long since finished their annotations, so looks like I'm the last one standing. Look for my annotations late Wednesday night.


Greybird said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Michael said...

I deleted the comment Greybird wrote since he was upset at a spoiler I put in the original post. I removed it from my post but he copied it here. Sorry, I thought it was common knowledge since we've seen [spoiler redacted] for months already.

Here's the rest of what he wrote:

I'm sorry, Mike, but there's really no valid reason for this. It's still a spoiler, and I, for one — among many, methinks — did NOT know.

Please don't assume that "we" read the same books that you do.

And for anyone who got a look at an advance copy, some of the rest of us would be much obliged if any further details were kept under wraps. For four more days, anyway.

We've waited this long. Don't take the rest of the surprise away from us, such as it may be.

Nikki said...

I think once DC publishes it, it ceases being a spoiler. That fact Greybird hasn't read those books is his problem not DC's and not the Omnicom's.

brainypirate said...

I think you should tell us which books/issues NOT to read (or re-read) in order to avoid finding out what DC already assumes we know.... ;)

Meerkatdon said...

It's really hard to tell folks what comics NOT to read, because in some cases that knowledge alone is a major clue.

Let me give you an absurd yet non-spoilery example. If someone said "Oh, you definitely shouldn't be reading SUGAR & SPIKE" (it's not currently being published) and if there was a major relationship between Suger & Spike and the Legion (there isn't, although eprhaps there should be), and if Spike had died in Zero Hour (he didn't)...then it would be pretty easy to figure out that Spike comes back to life in L3W (he doesn't, AFAIK).

So really, the best thing is to be quiet until Wednesday.