Saturday, July 25, 2009

SDCC09: DC Nation

Friday's panels at San Diego included DC Nation and Mattel/DC. The action figure guys tell me that there was no Legion stuff at the Mattel panel.

DC Nation, via Newsarama:

Robinson announced the five-part "Mon-El, Man of Valor" story, which will feature a "new look and a new outlook" for the character.

Fan thanked the panel for bringing Superboy back. DiDio said they always had "the plan in place" to bring Superboy and Kid Flash back, then joked a bit about the Legion of Three Worlds delays.

The joke, as tweeted by @SpeedForceOrg:
DD: What did you like abt LO3W5? Fan: it finally came out. #sdcc

DC Nation, via CBR:
Next was applause for the Superman books. Fans said they liked the realistic characterization and ties to the Legion. Robinson spoke about the August-beginning arc, "Mon-el, Man of Valor," which will see major changes for the character, including a new look.

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