Saturday, July 25, 2009

SDCC09: It's a bird, it's a plane....

... it's Super-Mon!



Shadow Kid said...

Brilliant! ;)

So I'm confused...which Mon-El is watching over Metropolis while Supes is in Kandor? V1 or V3?

Both have been "recently" rescued from the Phantom Zone, or "a" Phantom Zone (Does Earth Prime have a Zone too? It obviously has metas besides least in its future.)

If it's V1, "when" is he in Metropolis? After L3W? Mon-El was rescued from the future Zone at the start of the mini. But New Earth's Zone has recently ceased to be. So it comes back again, right?

My head hurts...

MaGnUs said...

Good questions, all of them. He's V1 Mon-El, former Earth-1, now New Earth LSH Mon-El. As to why he goes back to the Zone... well, obviously they rebuild it at some point.

And Super-Mon sounds like a rastafarian Supes.