Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trivia Answers #36

Last month I asked (but never answered) this: Not counting Superboy or Supergirl non-Legion stories, when has the Legion (or individual Legionnaires) met and/or fought...

1. Giant robots?
2. Zombies?
3. Ninjas?
4. Dinosaurs?
5. Space pirates?
6. Cyborgs?
7. Vampires?

This is mostly a compilation of your answers. Sometimes I come up with a question and crowd-source the answers, and once in a while I will have thought of something you didn't (but it's mostly you coming up with ones I hadn't thought of).

Giant robots

  • Computo
  • The Supergirl/Legion robot revolution storyline
  • Adventure #319 on Throon Gim got clobbered.
  • In Action 389, "The Mystery Legionnaire"

    My answers:
  • Wildfire got eaten by the giant agriculture robot on Manna-5

  • During the Mordru/Glorith storyline in v4 #47 when he raised the dead
  • I hadn't thought of it, but Soljer was basically a zombie

    My answers:
  • I consider Darkseid's Servants of Darkness to be evil clones rather than zombies.

  • Karate Kid was never explicitly stated to be a ninja, but he did appear to have all the skills required.
  • Similarly, Karate Kid's Sensei and the Black Dragons could be considered ninjas.

    My answers:
  • What about some of the guys from Lythyl?

  • The War Between Krypton and Earth
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • Adventure 380, Superboy is apparently eaten by a giant robot dinosaur with Kryptonite teeth (yes, bonus points for a Giant Robot Dinosaur)
  • During the first fight with the Infinite Man
  • Adventure 360, a flashback to the Legion of Super-Pets vs Ghost Space Pirates (which should also get bonus points for combining genres)

    My answers:
  • On the cover of Amazing World of DC Comics #9 (art by Dave Cockrum)

Space pirates
  • Captain Frake, during the Ultra Boy/Reflecto story
  • Sklarian Raiders
  • Starburst Bandits
  • Resources Raiders

    My answers:
  • Command Kid was from the pirate world of New Tortuga

  • Tharok
  • Khunds (including Kharlak, Bloodclaw, and Firemist)
  • Tyr
  • Vic "Cyborg" Stone of the Teen Titans
  • Lightning Lad with his robot arm
  • Shrinking Violet with her robot leg

    My answers:
  • Validus, from the animated Justice League episode "Far from Home" (I don't remember if he's been shown to have robotic parts elsewhere)
  • I don't consider Wildfire or Quislet to be cyborgs since neither was an amalgam of human and robot parts. Wildfire was energy in a suit, Quislet was energy in a space ship.

  • Vrykos, Mordru's henchman in v4. He was supposed to have been a real vampire but I don't think we really saw much of him.

    My answers:
  • Haven't we seen "energy-vampires" before?

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