Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bits of Legionnaire Business

I've let this go so long I'm going to have to spread this over 2 posts:

  • CBR's Comic Book Legends Revealed reveals this:
    COMIC LEGEND: Mike Grell tried to introduce a black character into the pages of Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes, but saw his efforts literally whitewashed away. STATUS: True

    It's really the story of Dvron, which you might not have heard before. The next week we heard about
    COMIC LEGEND: Keith Giffen and Tom and Mary Bierbaum had a character switch genders in the Legion of Super-Heroes to have a character they felt was gay be with a man. STATUS: True

    Of course, it's the story of Element Lad and Shvaughn/Sean Erin (with over 180 comments afterwards).

  • Action Figure Blues and Superhero Times review the four Legion figures that recently came out in the Justice League Unlimited series.

  • Caperaway lists their top 10 Legion stories. This is a good topic for another day here.

  • Scans Daily: LSH v3 #38 (Death of Superboy), Computo and the death of Triplicate Girl ("So much wrong, so little I can post. But I'll do my best. So, today my thesis is the Legion are fucking idiots. Here is evidence. Finally looking at the famous first Computo story, I have to say: I never realized just how stupid the Legion were. And how heartless. And how flip they were with the issue of death and mutilation."), and the 80s look at how Luornu has dealt with that trauma from the Legion Annual.

  • Don noticed something interesting in a recent issue of JLA about the Sun-Eater.

  • It didn't cross my mind at the time, but this tribute at the time of Ed McMahon's death concentrates on the infamous "Challenge of the Super-Heroes" and "Roast of the Super-Heroes" shows from the late 1970s. Ed was host of the Roast. Mordru was in both shows.

  • Comic Book Noise continues its look at Robinson's Starman series. In this podcast episode, they discuss the 30th century's Starman.

  • Photon Torpedos looks back at some Alan Davis covers from the mid 1990s.

  • Speaking of podcasts, the Legion of Substitute Podcasters #39 discusses the last part of the "An Eye for an Eye" TPB.

  • The Howling Curmudgeous determine who the worst pre-Crisis Legionnaire was.

  • The Tearoom of Despair has a long essay on the ups and downs of being a Legion reader.

  • Major Spoilers shows us a number of drawings by Gene Gonzales of Legionnaires.

  • They're remaking the movie "The Karate Kid", but because of naming rights that DC holds, the new title will be "The Kung Fu Kid".


RAB said...

That Scans Daily post about Triplicate Girl and Shanghalla made me realize a minor point of Legion trivia which hadn't occurred to me in...what is it, thirty-five years since I first read that story? That was actually kind of neat.

Michael said...

What point of trivia is that?

RAB said...

Ah -- I'd always assumed that none of the other memorials we see on Shanghalla in that panel had been placed there by the Legion...but since Beast Boy died after fighting the Legion (in the immediately prior story) they may have been the ones responsible for his monument as well. I never thought of that possibility.

(I was also digging the speculation about Mog Yagor being the big green creature and not the humanoid. In fact, each of the other memorials is a neat little mini-story inviting fan speculation...)

Speaking of which, also note another Legion-themed post on Scans Daily paying tribute to an old friend.

brainypirate said...

So, who exactly "lost" the worst Legionnaire contest? I can't find an explicit mention of who was left at the end of the discussion....

Michael said...

Brainy: it was Magnetic Kid, in comment #47.

RAB: I had never thought that Mog Yagor was the green monster but that's kind of interesting. I figured it was the rest of the Heroes of Lallor that sponsored his memorial.