Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicago 09: DC Nation

Some hopeful news for a new series out of Chicago's DC Nation panel.

Via Newsarama:

Going on to Adventure Comics, Manupal talked about his modified style. He told Johns that maybe they should go for an “Americana” style of presentation; Sattler commented that it was “stunning to look at” with “the best Krypto ever.”

... The next question was about the split of Adventure, which will be the Superboy lead with the Legion co-feature. There will also be Legion bits in the main Superboy story. Sattler said that there will be more Legion story before getting to a dedicated Legion book.

The same panel, via CBR:
Manapul confessed that he wasn't sure "Adventure Comics" would be a good fit for him, but said that he suggested to writer Geoff Johns that they approach the series with an Americana feel.

...Manapul confirmed that "Adventure Comics" will feature the Legion in Superboy's main story, in addition to their backup stories. Regarding the various Legions, Manapul said that "all three" would appear, and Sattler added that DC needed to establish who the Legion are before they get a dedicated book.

Coverage from Wizard? I give up. You'd think that the magazine that owns the convention would bother to put coverage up on its web site Wizard Universe (where the only discussion of the DC Nation panel is a press release from weeks ago announcing that there will be a DC Nation panel), or even, I don't know, the site which represents all of its conventions, Wizard World.

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Linda said...

I know it's a little late, but here's my Legion cosplay pics from Chicago Con. I was dressed as the Emerald Empress and my friend was Cosmic Boy. We found a Brainiac 5 at the con as well.

This last one is me with my brother and friend. I made their costumes too. Kudos if you know who they are. :)