Sunday, August 02, 2009

Crowd scene

A couple weeks ago, I wrote this:

At the 1995 San Diego and Chicago cons, "Legionnaires" artists Jeff Moy and Cory Carani were taking pictures of some of the fans. We didn't know until Legionnaires #43 came out (cover-dated 11/96) that a number of fans from the conventions were drawn into a crowd scene during the Legion tryouts.

Turns out I have misremembered for years, it was actually issue 38, page 13, panel 3. I knew it was a crowd scene, but I forgot which crowd.:

The faces are (clockwise from Top) Mike Chary, Johanna Draper [now Carlson], Erik Hancock, Sidne Ward (who was the namesake inspiration for Imra's mom Sydne), Bob Dobiesz (namesake for Imra's dad Bertor), and me. I should make that my new blog avatar.

Here's what I wrote on the old LSH-L mailing list on May 19, 1996:
On the last day of the San Diego con last year, we ran into Jeff Moy and Cory Carani at the DC booth near the end of the day. Cory had his camera out and was taking pictures, so I told him that he had to take a picture of me and Vernon Harmon (who was with me at the time, dressed as Wildfire) so he could put us in a crowd scene somewhere. I guess Vernon's being saved for a later time. Just like Wildfire...

I think we all ought to photocopy the page, cut out our faces, and wear them on our badges at the various conventions we go to this summer, with a caption that says "I [heart] Titanian Magnoball".

At the 1996 San Diego and Chicago cons, a couple of people had each of us autograph the page. To the best of my recollection, that's the only time someone has ever asked me to sign a comic.


Erik said...

Hey thanks for this! It makes a wonderful B-day present and makes me wistful for all those cons of yesteryear. What fun.

Will miss out on Las Vegas this year - bad bad economy.

Erik Hancock

Rob S. said...

That's *way* cool.