Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trivia Answers #38

This month's trivia quiz was based (loosely) on the LSG trip to Las Vegas.

1. Ventura is the Gamblers' Planet in the 30th/31st centuries. Where have we seen it in the 20th/21st centuries?

The obvious one, which I knew everyone would get, was in the first story arc of the latest Brave & Bold series, with Green Lantern, Batman, Blue Beetle, Supergirl, Lobo, and the Book of Fate. The obscure one, which I wasn't sure anyone would get (but Jeffrey did), was when orange-skinned alien gamblers from Ventura named Sorban and Rokk (no relation) encountered Superman in "Superman" 171 (8/64), then reappeared in "Flash" 175 (the second Superman vs Flash race, 12/67) and "World's Finest" 150 (6/75).

2. The LSG freed some money from the clutches of the evil casinos. Name three people or groups to have freed Mordru from imprisonment.
Shadow Lass (ADV 368), The Dark Circle (Earthwar), Darkseid (Great Darkness), the Sorcerors of Sorceror's World, and (I think) the JLA in the JLA/JSA crossover but I don't recall the details.

3. There's always paperwork when there's money involved. What was the name of United Planets' statute-in-council #2958-07Q? [Either answer is acceptable.]
Pre-Zero Hour, it was The Legion of Super-Heroes Enabling Act; post-Zero Hour, it was The Legion of Super-Heroes Revenue Act.

4. Who stayed behind to watch the HQ during the wedding of Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel (and didn't get to party at Casino Nix Olympica)?
Mon-El and Shadow Lass. As the only two left in the whole HQ, you know they must have tried to do it in the conference room, the tryouts room, the weapons room, the reception area...

5. The volcano at the Mirage Casino erupts every 15 minutes from sunset until midnight, but Krypton only exploded once. Which Legionnaires were present on Krypton shortly before its destruction?
The one I was thinking about was Shrinking Violet, Cosmic Boy, Shadow Lass and Wildfire, from Superboy & the LSH 255. Of course, Kal-El and Mon-El were there separately, as were future Super-Pets Krypto and Beppo, but I was looking for Legionnaires as a group.

6. The LSG is always up for new members, and the initiation test is that you have to gamble at the same table with other members at least once. But twice, Saturn Girl asked the Legion to induct a new member based only on her say-so. Who were these Legionnaires?
Element Lad and Sensor Girl. I forget, did she recommend Sir Prize and Miss Terious the same way?

7. Sometimes a LSGer will only appear at one or two gatherings and then mysteriously stops. When was Insect Queen's last appearance with the Legion?
I should have said "last regular contemporaneous pre-Zero Hour appearance", which would have been during the Reflecto story. I forgot that they pulled her out of some random time for a cameo in the recent Legion of 3 Worlds story in issue 5. And was she in the group shot in LSH v2 #300, or am I misremembering?


Keith said...

" know they must have tried to do it in the conference room..."

I was going to say something about the HQ having cameras everywhere, but I suppose Shadow Lass can just generate absolute darkness.

Jonathan L. Miller said...

No, Sir Prize and Miss Terious were recommended by Superboy and Supergirl as replacements when they were temporarily forced to resign.

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