Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trivia Quiz #38

Yay, I'm back! The Legion of Super-Gamblers made out OK in Las Vegas (some of us did) - at least we all had enough for a cab ride to the airport. So, this month's trivia, a couple weeks late, based (loosely) on the LSG trip:

1. Ventura is the Gamblers' Planet in the 30th/31st centuries. Where have we seen it in the 20th/21st centuries?

2. The LSG freed some money from the clutches of the evil casinos. Name three people or groups to have freed Mordru from imprisonment.

3. There's always paperwork when there's money involved. What was the name of United Planets' statute-in-council #2958-07Q? [Either answer is acceptable.]

4. Who stayed behind to watch the HQ during the wedding of Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel (and didn't get to party at Casino Nix Olympica)?

5. The volcano at the Mirage Casino erupts every 15 minutes from sunset until midnight, but Krypton only exploded once. Which Legionnaires were present on Krypton shortly before its destruction?

6. The LSG is always up for new members, and the initiation test is that you have to gamble at the same table with other members at least once. But twice, Saturn Girl asked the Legion to induct a new member based only on her say-so. Who were these Legionnaires?

7. Sometimes a LSGer will only appear at one or two gatherings and then mysteriously stops. When was Insect Queen's last appearance with the Legion?


Erik Hancock said...

1- brave and bold - with beetle-bats-lsh- gl supergirl crossovers for the book of fate.
2- Sorcerers' of sorcerer's world, was it Lu or Shadow lass is the basement crypt that opened the prison, Forget who in the Moy/Carani series- in JSA not sure.

3 - no clue
4- oh good one - on the tip of my tongue - svagun Erin or Gigi

5- Duo damsel/ Mon-el/ Lightening lad of group??

6- Legionaire Lemon- and Miss Terious

7- Stops due to lack of $$, lack of Vacation time - oh you want insect queen - which version - as there was one in L3W or are you talking back to the real legion appearances : Like LSH 282? or Legends of the Legion -starboy ??

Michael said...

1 - that's the obvious one, but what about the other(s)?

7 - yes, the version of Insect Queen that appeared with the Pre-Zero Hour Legion.

Matthew E said...

Without looking at anyone else's answers:

1. Green Lantern and Supergirl went there in the new Brave and Bold series.
2. Darkseid's servants did. Um... didn't some peasant do it once too? Can't think of any other cases.
4. Mon and Shady?
5. I don't know this one, but I can easily construct an answer of Superboy, Supergirl, Super-Pets members Krypto and Beppo, and Legion ally Dev-Em. Depending on how loosely we interpret "shortly", Mon-El was there too.
6. Element Lad and Sensor Girl.
7. FC:L3W #5.

Greg Morrow said...

2. JLA in the JLA/JSA/LSH crossover.

4. S/LSH #200 -- no obvious candidate. Timber Wolf?

5. S/LSH 255: Cos, Vi, Shady, ... and I think Brainy?

6. Mon-El, yes?

Jeffrey said...

1. Superman and Batman encountered two aliens from Ventura in the 60s World's Finest stories.

2. Shadow Lass in the Adventure Comics story of Mordru chasing the Legion to 20th Century Smallville. Darkseid freed Mordru from a tomb on another planet and then drained him of all his powers. Not sure who else...

3. No clue. But I think it might be the tax law that limited Legion membership to 25.

4. Mon-El and Shadow Lass stayed on Earth while the rest of the team attended the wedding of Duo Damsel & Bouncing Boy.

5. Obviously Kal-El, Krypto, Beppo, Mon-el. Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El was born on Argo City after KRypton exploded. Current Kara was a teen ager. Shrinking violet was one of several Legionnaires in a later issue of Superboy & the Legion in the late 70s/early 80s. Cosmic Boy too, I think.

6. Mystery Lad (Element Lad) and Sensor Girl (Projectra).

7. Pre-Crisis Insect Queen... Way back at the end of the Reflecto saga when Lightning Lad,Phantom Girl, Saturn Girl, Blok, and Dawnstar, went to 20th Century Smallville to investigate why Ultra Boy's mind was in Superboy's body. Oh ... wait... Legion of Super-Heroes 300... for the re-dedication ceremony.

Matt said...

7 - Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

5. Didn't the LSH Starboy visit Krypton in Robinson's Starman series?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, you know the one time I joined the LSG in Vegas I didn't gamble at the same table with any of the rest, but Sydne vouched for me. Does that count? :-)

Anonymous said...

2. Shady in his first appearance. Then the sorcerers of Sorcerers' World, and Darkseid's servants.

4. I'm pretty sure Shady was one of them.

6. is Element Lad and Sensor Girl. Mon-El is a different case.

Meerkatdon said...

1. In the 20th/21st century, we find Ventura in essentially the same orbit as in the 30th/31st. Nobody moved it.

2. Mordru was freed by Shadow Lass; by Darkseid's Servants of Darkness; and by legal action initiated by the Intergalactic Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Wizards With Winged Hats.

3. UP Statute-in-Council #2958-O7Q was either (a) The No Early Release For Wizards With Winged Hats Act or (b) the law that gave the Legion official UP status.

4. HQ was left in the hands of the Ghost of Ferro Lad, who had instructions that in case of emergency, he was to pull the lever that summoned Supergirl from the 20th century. Mon-El stayed behind because he was afraid the Nix Olympica guards had not forgotten that incident ten years ago with him, Ultra Boy, a dozen cases of Silverale,six Durlan call girls, a Jovian camelephant, and a bathtub full of lime jello. Shady stayed behind because without Mon, she had no transportation to Mars.

5. Everyone is forgetting Brainiac 5's time-trip to Krypton to test his Super-Duper-Power-Enhancer Machine on Calamity King. Unfortunately, the experiment was a little too successful.

6. Actually, Saturn Girl routinely tried this 2 or 3 times a year as a practical joke. Usually the others ignored her; she was amazed that they fell for it twice.

7. I last saw the pre-Crisis Insect Queen in Legion of 3 Worlds #5. But I don't think she saw me. (Superboy-Prime did, though.)

Erik said...

Wasn't Phase's twin and the luck lords of the 30/31st revealed to have been tied to Ventura?