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Flashback: Bits of Legionnaire Business (part 5)

Part 5 of 6 (the end is in sight!) of the various Bits printed in the Adventure Comics letter columns.

Adventure Comics 342, March 1966
In this issue we introduce another hero suggested by a reader in "Bits of Legionnaire Business." Color Kid was submitted by Jeff Greenberg, Los Angeles, Calif. Now for some new super-doers thought up by fans:
David Krels, Milwaukee, Wis. - "Porcupine Pete. He can shoot quills from his body which are tipped with a stunning liquid. He's a great hero, but for some reason, nobody ever pats him on the back." . . . Greg Sanchez, South Gate, Calif. - "Glass Girl has the power to turn anything, including living beings, into glass for one hour." . . . Betty Borbely, Spencer, W. Va. - "Colorless Kate has control over anything that is black and white. She's a whiz with zebras and skunks." . . . Sal Iacopelli, Boonton, N. J. - "Negative Nell can explode objects or make them immaterial by projecting bolts of negative energy."
Greg Kent, Goleta, Calif. - "Rocket Roy. He can turn into any size rocket and carry other Legionnaires through space." . . . Phillip Cano III, Yuma, Ariz. - Disappearing Dan. He can make anything disappear temporarily."
[2009 note: a Sub]
Adventure Comics 343, April 1966
Arleen A. Abramowitz, Brooklyn, N.Y. - "Itch Witch, who can make her enemies itch terribly till they surrender to her." . . . Dan Solla, Freeport, Pa. - "Eve of Destruction. She can predict any disaster or hardship, but she can't predict anything good." . . . Michael Capobianco, Woodbridge, Va. - "Repeller Ray. He radiates a gravitational aura that enables him to control anything within one foot of his body. Thus, he could stop bullets or flying shrapnel before they hit him."
Philip Cobb, Charleston, Ill. - "Duplication Deb. She can materialize an exact duplicate of anything; however, the duplicate only lasts for one hour." . . . Mike Pigg, Pasadena, Tex. - "Petri-Pal can petrify anything." . . . Michael E. Colby, Hewlett Bay Park, L.I., N.Y. - "Venus Vamp. She can make others handsome or ugly and can make people love anything." . . . Veronica Brown, Philadelphia, Pa. - "Amnesia Al, who can make anyone lose his memory."
David Blank, Brooklyn, N.Y. - "Octi-Lad has six arms, which, with his legs, make eight limbs." . . . Melissa Cook, Bronx, N.Y. - Feature Femme can change other people's features." . . . Carol Ann Wendover, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. - "Wolf Girl can change into a wolf and see in the dark."
Adventure Comics 344, May 1966
Shirley Smith, Hazel Park, Mich. -"Tina Truth has the power to make any person blurt out the complete truth about who he is, where he is from, and what he's doing." . . . Daniel McShea - "Annihilation Lad: with a mere glance of his eyes he can destroy anything." . . . Keith Dale Kries, Honolulu, Hawaii - "Snake Kid can change any object into a living snake." . . . Dan Solla, Freeport, Pa. - "Calorie Kid: he can make anybody so fat and heavy he or she can't move."
Richard Smoley, Waterbury, Conn. - "Tropic Kid: he has the power to create monsoons, terrific heat, etc." . . . Kevin Martin, Houston, Tex. - "Speed Lad can speed up or slow down any moving object." . . . Phillip Cano III - "Metal Mike: he can change himself into any metal." . . . G. Abbott, Massachusetts - "Incredible Boy: by pointing to an object or person, he can make it go in the opposite direction."
Adventure Comics 346, July 1966
Dear Editor: In 1963, I sent you a "Bit of Legionnaire Business," suggesting "Color Kid," who can change himself or any object to any color of the spectrum. It was not only used in your column, but was used again later in a page of the BEST bits of business. I was happy that you'd printed it the first time, but now I was really overjoyed! Then, in your March issue, Color Kid showed up again, this time in the story, as an applicant for Legion membership. Even though he wasn't accepted, I was ecstatic! Never had I imagined that my creation would appear in print. It was a very big honor. Thank you! By the way, Color Kid was recommended to the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Did they accept him? -Jeff Greenberg, Los Angeles, Calif.
(Yes - Color Kid is now one of the Substitute Heroes. And while we're thinking of it, we'd like to correct an inadvertent oversight. Two of the heroes in our recent "Stalag of Space" story were also submitted by readers: Weight Wizard by Maggie Fraser of Pleasantville, N.Y., and Blockade Boy by Tom Kegley, St. Paul, Minn. -Ed.)


Anonymous said...


To give you a heads up. I was at Baltimore comicon and asked George Perez to comment on L3W. He gave a pretty interesting answer regarding the ratio of legion to non-legion characters. HE also volunteered that he would be interested in drawing a Paul Levitz LSH story. If the newsites do not pick it up, I will send you a write up.


Michael said...

Ted - I haven't seen anything, but I only did a quick look on Monday. If you like, you can do a writeup and email it to me, and I'll post it here.

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to your email?

Michael said...

It's up there in the upper left where it says link to my profile, but it's mgrabois at gmail.

Jim Drew said...

Rocket Roy --> Fortress Lad?