Monday, October 12, 2009

Baltimore Con 09

Still out of the country so I can't be the intrepid reporter you expect, but my Legion of Substitute Reporters is out in force. Here's a report from Ted from this weekend's Baltimore Con:

Two bits of Legion news occurred at the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend.

First, when asked about his "wish list" for future projects, Perez discussed the creators with who he wanted to work rather than characters. Basically, L3W fulfilled his last wish from his fandom days. For him, working with creators is what is interesting when considering new projects. He volunteered that, having known Paul Levitz, since their days in fandom and would enjoy drawing a legion project for him.

Second, I asked Mr. Perez what his feelings were about L3W. His response reflected a lot of fan criticism of the mini. He was originally disappointed that so much of the story hinged on non-Legion characters. He wanted the Legion to be more directly involved in solving the conflict. He came to understand that Kid Flash, Superboy and Green Lantern characters were needed to help the Legion reach a larger audience. This reach was important to ensure that the Legion would survive in the current environment. He was very complementary of Geoff Johns and his answers were always positive and upbeat.

In an anecdote, Mr. Perez said that Johns sent him a full script for one of the early issues. In it, Johns listed all the characters to appear in one of those giant group scenes. Perez was not used to working from a full script and was a little taken aback. In COIE, Marv Wolfman's script basically said "draw characters here" without spelling out exactly who to draw. He then realized that Johns had essentially reversed engineered Perez' crisis work, spelling out in words the type of scene for which Perez is famous. Perez found it amusing.

Thanks, Ted!


Brainy Pirate said...

Interesting take on the Bart-Connor-GL focus of Lo3W. I can see Johns' point, but it's a shame if the Legion doesn't have enough draw to sustain it's own mini.

ted said...

To put it in further context, Perez's comments about Lo3W are reflective of his comments about writing comics at the Big Two in gereral. There is trend to make everything interlocking. It is rare that a title has time to establish itself without being part of the greater universe. For that reason, Perez has no interest in writing a title for the foreseeable future.