Monday, October 05, 2009

Trivia Quiz #40

The theme this week is "random questions that don't have a theme". And of course this didn't post last week, it was scheduled for today, the first Monday of the month.

1. When did the Legionnaires stand in line with the Doom Patrol, Plastic Man, and Sargon the Sorcerer?

2. Who were the two Martians shown at Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel's wedding?

3. What does C.O.M.P.U.T.O. stand for?

4. Who made the flight rings in the Adult Legion's time frame?

5. Which Legionnaires' first appearances were posthumous?

6. Which Legionnaires have been related by blood?

7. What did Mordru serve for dinner when Rokk visited (early v4)? Why?


Meerkatdon said...

#1: Shortly before Final Night, at Space Mountain during Superhero Day at Disneyland?

#2: The Martian Manhunter was one...was the other Tars Tarkas?

#3: Completely Omnipotent Machine Producing Unbelievable Threats to Others?

#4: I believe it was Superman, as a last-minute Christmas present. (If not him, it was Supergirl.)

#5: Chemical King, Shadow Lass (as "Shadow Woman"), and Reflecto.

#6: Lightning Lad & Light/Lightning Lass are brother & sister. Superboy & Supergirl are cousins. Cosmic Boy & Magnetic Kid were brothers. Dream Girl & the White Witch are sisters. Laurel Gand was a collateral descendant of Valor's family. Invisible Kid (Jacques Foccart) and Computo (Danielle Foccart) were brother and sister, as were the two Kids Quantum (James and Jazmin Cullen).

Among the not-really-a-Legionnaire connections, R.J. Brande was Chameleon Boy's father. Laurel Kent was a remote descendant of Superboy (until she was a Manhunter). XS is the daughter of Dawn Allen (and Don & Dawn Allen, the Tornado Twins, were...well...twins.) Validus is/was/will be the son of Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl. Rond Vidar is Universo's son. Shadow Lass and Shadow Kid are brother and sister. Devlin O'Ryan was descended from someone important.

Finally, Firefist and Bloodclaw were second cousins once removed on their mother's side, and third cousins on their father's. Didn't anyone notice the family resemblance? (It was mostly in the cheekbones.)

#7: Crow, because he wanted to see his old enemy eat it?

Shadow Kid said...

#6. In original continuity, Shady & Grev were cousins (the grandchildren of Sarven Mallor, both were descended from L.E.G.I.O.N.'s Lyrissa & Lydea Mallor).

It was actually Umbra who was depicted as Shadow Kid's sibling.

Jake said...

3) Cybercerebral Overlapping Multi-Processor Universal Transceiver Operator

5) Depending on how you consider his origin, you could make the argument for Wildfire. Especially his Reboot version, which was the horribly mashed together souls of two heroes killed by Mordru.

Craigopher said...

1. The Legionnaires sttod in line with the listed heroes on the cover Batman #238
2. Meerkatdon already answered, but yes, the two martians at the wedding were J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter, and Tars Tarkas of Barsoom.

Mike McKean said...

On #6, Superboy (Kon-El), since he's cloned partly from Superman, is related by blood to both Superboy/man and Supergirl. Through his other "father", Lex Luthor, he's related (in a bizarre parallel universe kind of way) to Luthor of the Adult Legion.

In the same way, Superman X (Kell-El) of the animated Legion is also a blood relative of Kal-El.

Lest we forget, the adult Lightning Lord, brother to Garth and Ayla, was also briefly a Legionnaire.

Finally, I believe an Adventure Comics letter column indicated that Douglas Nolan joined the Adult Legion after the LSV forced him to battle the LSH. And Legion #300 showed Doug joining an alternate world Legion. So I'd add, in at least one or two universes, the twin Ferro Lads/Men.

Anonymous said...

7) Elva bird breasts, it was something Rokk grew sick of eating while raiding Imskian food supplies, which Mordru picked from his memories from the Braal-Imsk hostilities...

royiskeen said...

1. dunno, but have since checked out the Batman cover. very nice.

2. Martian Manhunter. hadn't every heard of the the other one you guys mentioned.

4. Was it Brainy?

5. I think the first Quantum Kid's first appearance was also posthumous.

6. Also, the second Kid Quantum/Quantum Kid (?) was the sister of James, the first.
Laurel Kent and maybe Kent Shakespeare were related to Superman somehow.
i think the rest have been covered. Though you could say that all of the SW6 batch are related to the originals...

Jim Drew said...

6. Also, the Legionnaires whom Supergirl first met were the children of the originals. Dang Time Trapper.

Anonymous said...

#1, on a 101-Page giant issue of Batman, or Detective Comics - I forget which. Also, forget issue number, but I should get semi-credit, don't you think?

#2, J'Onn J'Onzz and the four-armed dude from John Carter, Warlord of Mars.

#3 Computronic Omniscient Mechanoid and Peerless Utilitarian Technilogical Oppressor

#4 Hmmm, well, Superman made flight "belts" at the Christmas Party in which he famously sucked face with Saturn Girl.

#5 Shadow Woman, Reflecto, Power Boy (though we only saw his name & feet, and he joined off panel 5YG), Chemical King, Kid Quantum I,

#6 Garth & Ayla; Rokk & Pol; Nura & Mysa; Douglas & Andrew; Tasmia & Grev; Kal & Kara & Laurel Kent; Larl & Laurel Gand; Jacques & Danielle; James & Jazmin;

#7 Something vaudvillian, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

#7 Elvabird, I think. Don't know why, but I'm sure it tastes like chicken.