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More Bits of Legionnaire Business

More catching up...

  • From the 10/26 version of 10 Questions with Dan DiDio:
    5) Mbecks114 wrote:

    You've stated that Superboy will be more involved in the current Superman main story line soon. But when the Legion takes over Adventure Comics where will we be able to follow his adventures in Smallville?

    DiDio: There's one very logical place that Superboy will be appearing on a consistent basis. And then from there, as the Superman storyline heats up during the course of the year, you'll start to see him popping up in more and more of the Superman titles.

    Nrama: Well, I suspect you kind of answered the next part of his question, but Mbeck continues...
    Will he rejoin the Titans or at least be reunited with Tim, Bart, and Cassie?

    DiDio: See Answer 1.

    7) KentClark wrote:
    Any news yet about who will be doing Adventure Comics after Geoff Johns and before Levitz? And who is doing art for Levitz?

    DiDio: We haven't announced the artist, but as for who will be handling Adventure Comics between when Geoff leaves and Paul joins, it's actually going to be handled by a few people involved in the Superman writing team, because those stories will tie directly into the events in Superman and Action Comics.

    Nrama: Did you say "few" people? Or "two" people?

    DiDio: It'll be handled by the writers who are currently involved in the Superman, Action and Supergirl storylines.

    Nrama: So that means Greg Rucka, Sterling Gates and James Robinson, right?

    DiDio: Sort of. Mostly. You'll hear about it soon.

    But I can tell you something about what Paul's doing. Paul will actually be working on three annuals for DC Comics in the beginning of next year. The first one up will be a Superman/Batman Annual that Paul is writing, which we're very excited about because it features very interesting characters from beyond, so to speak.

    Paul is also going to be writing an Adventure Comics Annual which will be setting up much of his storyline in Adventure Comics. So really, his run kicks off with the Adventure Comics Annual first, then it goes into Adventure Comics itself. And as we realized by chatting, I believe this is the first Adventure Comics Annual ever, which I believe is also very exciting that Paul gets to do that.

    The third one, I don't want to announce just yet, because we're a little too far out.

    Nrama: Is this Superman/Batman Annual at all connected to the changes we're going to see to the Superman/Batman title?

    DiDio: It's just a stand-alone Superman/Batman Annual, although it's oversized. Did I mention the word beyond?

    Nrama: Oh jeez. I can't believe I didn't pick up on that the first time. So we're talking about Batman Beyond appearing in this annual?

    DiDio: Exactly. That's the story that Paul is writing.

    Nrama: Will it tie into the Batman Beyond mini-series that's coming in 2010?

    DiDio: No, it's just a stand-alone story dealing with Batman and Superman and Batman Beyond.

  • Chris at the Invincible Super-Blog was asked to sign a copy of Teenagers From the Future.

  • It's Nerdsville and Newsarama's Legion Blogpost review the "Legion of 3 Worlds" hardcover.

  • CBR's Comics Should Be Good is looking at a Year of Cool Moments. This particular one is from the conclusion of the Quiet Darkness storyline in v4.

  • The Trusty Plinko Stick found some convention/commission sketches of the Legion by the late Mike Wieringo (co-creator of Impulse).

  • Major Spoilers has a Hero History of Gazelle (and check out their many other Legionnaire histories too!).

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