Saturday, November 28, 2009

Even more Bits of Legionnaire Business

I think this finishes my getting caught up.

  • Mike the Bold offers some advice on where to start reading the Legion, the top 5 technical trappings of the Legion (in a post where he mistakes early November as the Klordny season, instead of mid-August), a spotlight on Tenzil Kem, the top 7 smooch-buddies in the Legion, and the top 5 Legion deaths.

  • The Fanboy Wife doesn't like the Legion or their skanky costumes. She's not up on Lightning Lad, has words about the Subs, and thinks Saturn Girl is a skank.

  • MightyGodKing thinks Quislet is 92% Awesome and offers 20 reasons why.

  • Kandou Erik discusses who the Legionnaires are in the 21st century in the current Superman arc. Hey, another one appears this week!

  • Writer J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Ninja Assassin) wants to write a "Brave & Bold" story featuring the Legion and the Doom Patrol.

  • Captain Toy reviews the DC Universe Classics Series 10 action figures, which include Imperiex as the "Build-a-Figure", meaning you have to buy the individual figures (Power Girl, Forager, Man-Bat, Robotman, and Beast Boy) to get the five parts of the large figure. Imperiex was the villain in the second season of the animated Legion show, but this version is from the regular DC Universe, from the "Our Worlds at War" story. I don't consider this to be a Legion villain figure, but your mileage may vary.

  • Legion Abstract, Get-a-Life Boy, Major Spoilers, and Comic Per Day review Adventure Comics #4.

  • Toon Zone notes in their review of the "Complete Superman: The Animated Series" DVD that "the booklet that lists the episodes sports images from The Legion of Superheroes" (animated series). Anyone got a copy to scan?

  • Collected Editions reviews the Legion of 3 Worlds hardcover, which apparently includes not only all of the regular and variant covers, but "unused" covers as well. The only one I know of is the one that's on the cover of this HC (zoomed in), which shows Superman with all three Legions. I think that was a promo that early on was supposed to be a cover. Anyone got this that can explain?

  • TradeKey has a great look back at some awesomely bad Legion costumes. I may revisit this one next time Fashion Week rolls around.

  • Comic Reviews by Walt echoes what many have been saying. With the recent success of the Green Lantern emotional spectrum rings, why not issue a Legion flight ring?

  • The Legion 4-pack of action figures from the Justice League line are on sale for 15-25% off (depending on how many items you order) from through Dec. 7th.


Brainy Pirate said...

Hurray Mitch!!!

But I realized that I'm not sure what happened to Thom (I don't recall seeing him in the recent JSA arcs) and to Val (is he still dead or what?).

collectededitions said...

The "unused" cover (so stated at the back of the L3W collections, but maybe it did end up somewhere) is the one that looks like a DC Universe #0 cover, but features the three Legions.

Dr. Michael J. MacArthur said...

You left out the best part!

The Subs and the Inferior Five in Brave and Bold? How swet would that be?

Erik Hancock said...

Ok which LSV are in the past ?- they were all in the future in the Lo3W. Who got missed?

When did the current legion arrive in the 20th? In the lightening :) saga all but Thom, Val and Una were shown to be returning - so is this perhaps part of the first crisis - (in that the writer forget who was where and so had characters crossing paths in the past creating the next DC crisis - the Editorial Crisis. )

If Val is dead then isn't Una also? Or is she now the multi-man - i mean girl - so does this make her lives disposable and can she reintegrate their memories too?

Also weren't val and Una from the Waid Threeboot (earth 0) ? So which earth are the others From (yes I assume the Adv Levitz Giffen era - but has this been explicitly stated?)
And have we come up with a number or tag for this current legion - L 6.0 or L^2 (levitz squared or L^3 for Levitz does Levitz's Legion ?

Any one have connection with PTB to find out?

Anonymous said...

I think I remember the "unused cover" being solicited for a second printing of DC Universe #0, but don't know if that was ever actually published. Prefer it to the published version anyway, but I'm biased.

Jim Drew said...

One tag being used for the Johns Legion is "retroboot".

Stephen R Webb said...

So what 21st century books have Legionnaires appeared in since L5W? I'm aware of some in the Connor Kent Adventure stories and a couple in Superman (covertly helping Mon-El out), but what about Jeckie and the others? Anyone have a definitive list?

Unknown said...

By and large, the other characters have been appearing in Superman as well. Projectra and Tenzil's reveals were both in Superman, and they had appeared (with their identities still veiled) in Superman before then.

Also, Mon-El appeared in the Captain Atom story in Action Comics #883 (the last issue) and will appear in next week's issue. He'll also appear in the lead story in the following two issues of Action (#885-886) as part of a storyline that crosses over with Superman.

Fanboy Wife said...

Wow! Thanks for the links to my blog. Stay tuned, because I have many more complaints about the Legion!

And-Ru said...

Ha! I guess those Legion figures didn't sell too well if they're on sale. Shame as I bought them the week they came out!

BTW this is my Adventure 4 review. I didn't understand it! What was supposed to have happened to Blok?