Friday, December 04, 2009

Brainiac & the Legion of Super-Heroes

From the DCU Blog The Source about Adventure Comics #8:

ADVENTURE COMICS #8 is the start of a four-issue arc connecting ADVENTURE to the next big Superman story - “Brainiac & The Legion of Super-Heroes.” James Robinson & Julian Lopez will provide a 10-page story about the Legion members who are in the 21st Century; Sterling Gates & Clayton Henry will provide a 10-pager about the Legion in the 31st Century; and Eric Trautmann & DC newcomer Pier Gallo (wait till you see this guy’s stuff!) will provide a 10-pager about General Lane’s Human Defense Corps.

The Superman writers have crafted a really fun and epic story in “Brainiac & The Legion of Super-Heroes” (which will run in ADVENTURE, SUPERMAN, SUPERGIRL and a tittle-to-be-named-later in March). Featuring Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Mon-El and the Legion of Super-Heroes, it not only brings to a head all the Legion subplots that DC has been laying down since the JLA/JSA “Lightning Saga” story, but also sets the stage for this summer’s blockbuster Superman event!

I found some sample pages pencilled by Pier Gallo on Andy Diggle's flickr page (Hawkeye and Batman), it looks good but I'm not sure if he's going to be doing any Legion stuff or just this one HDC story.

Here's the cover to ADV #8 (they've also got prelim cover sketches and a pencils-only version of this). I'm looking forward to the tittle to be named later - fanboy speculation, maybe a new Legion book, leaving Adventure to Superboy?


Mike McKean said...

Not that I wouldn't love leaving Adventure Comics #12/515 and later to Superboy, with the Legion getting their own title (perhaps Legion of Super-Heroes #1/355!)... but I'm pretty sure DC is planning to have the Legion be the main feature in Adventure Comics, with Paul Levitz scripting.

But if the new title is a new Superboy comic, I'll be equally happy. Perhaps I'm one of the few, but I have greatly enjoyed having my two all-time favorite features, Superboy and the Legion, in one comic.

Mike McKean said...

To add a bit to the comment above...

The Superman: World of New Krypton mini-series ends in February. Since that leaves a three month gap before Superman #700, when Supes is scheduled to return to his own title, I suspect that the title-to-be-named is a new three- or four- issue mini-series starring Superman. So unfortunately, I doubt that the new series is either a new (or revived) Legion or Superboy ongoing series.

pibegardel said...

If Brainy gets top billing on this storyline maybe it's Colu that gets blown up in the first Levitz storyline.

Nikki said...

I think it means Brainiac 1 right?

DarkDouglas said...

FINALLY! Thought DC was gonna keep this under wraps until it came out to the stores.

Can't wait to see who the villian side espionage squad members are.

Why isn't Tenzil on the cover? He's back in the past too.

Brainy Pirate said...


This news makes me so happy!

(But when did Jeckie add cleavage to her costume??? Is that a combination of her Projectra and Sensor outfits?)

Cristiano Silva said...

Could anyone explain to me the current official status quo of Mon-El?

In Legion of 3 Worlds, he escapes the Phantom Zone and, as far as I could understand, he stayed there with the Legion. And then we also have the adventures of Mon-El in the 21st century.

Is he appearing also in the Legion features of Adventure Comics?


And-Ru said...


I can't believe that horrific Sensor Girl costume hasn't prompted more OUTRAGE!!

It is the most HIDEOUS Legion costume EVAH! And yes, I am including Tyroc and PP's short lived mini-skirt outfit in that appraisal.

Why have they done this?!?! WHY?!?!?!

Darrell Lawrence said...

Regarding Mon-El, in CHRONOLOGICAL character history:

Clark meets Mon-El as kids. Clark puts Mon-El in the Phantom Zone. (Action Annual #10)

Superman gets Mon-El out of the 'zone and gives him a temp cure serum left by the Legion in the Fortress. (Just after Lightning Lad left back to the 31st century, following the Superman and the Legion of Superheroes storyline, 21st century time frame, before the World of New Krypton storyline)

Mon-El has 21st century adventures. (Currently in Superman)

Eventually Mon-El will be put back in the 'zone. (As said, eventually)

The Legion gets Mon-El back out of the 'zone. (Late 30th Century, cures him)

The Justice League of Earth puts Mon-El back in. (Superman and the Legion of Superheroes storyline, 31st Century)

The Legion gets him back out. (Legion of Three Worlds, 31st Century)

It's important to know WHEN these events happen, ie 21st vs 31st centuries.

Brainy Pirate said...

It's even worse than the original Sensor Girl costume -- which was hideous, hideous, hideous, like a drag-queen serial killer wearing a Joan Crawford pantsuit and a Veronica Lake wig!

Greybird said...

Manapul has done one of the all-time great Legion covers, if they end up actually using it.

A glistening contrast between 21st and 31st Century cities ... that's not yet been worth a comment?

I just don't get what's so "hideous" about this Sensor Girl redesign. A portal? It's well done and it's become routine. Can't seem to find anyone who minds something similar being done with Power Girl and Dawnstar.

Let's face it, even breast fans (teenaged or, *a-HEM!* older) should be encouraged to buy Legion stories. We need everyone we can get {g}

Brainy Pirate said...

Actually, I find this costume to be an improvement over the original Sensor costume, which really did look like a bad drag-queen-meets-Joan-Crawford-meets-Michael-Meyers outfit. I still hate the mask she wears--and the loss of her distinctive silver hair -- and doesn't this new costume look too much like it's Saturn Girl's color scheme?

Admittedly, the breasts I was most fascinated with were Cosmic Boys, so I'm not jumping on board for the cleavage effect....

And can we get Thom's face back? He's so yummy with the beard! I'd love to see him and Brin have a late-night, too-many-beers-and-the-gf-isn't-around make-out session!

I mean, if Jan is going to be thrown back in the closet.... ;)

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