Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bits of Legionnaire Business

Got way behind on these links, so here's a shot at catching up. Sorry if some of these are old.

More coming soon.


Fanboy Wife said...

I'm glad you like the x-ray vision. (You missed my post about Dawnstar today!)

Michael J. MacArthur said...

The Fanboy Wife's bit on Superboy and X-RRay vision reminds me of a book published in the 70's titles, Super Folks. I connot recall the author, but the book is a humorous take on the Superman legend.

To prevent young Superman from abusing his x-ray vision, some mysterious force causes him to stumble or trip every time he tries to look into the girls' locker room. Therefore, he is considered the clumsiest boy in town and is mever suspected to be Superboy.

Another joke - This Superman is from the planet Kronk and he is only vulnerable to . . .