Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mike Grell's "Savage Empire"

This is a long-shot, but with long-time Legion fans I might get a lucky hit. Back in 1973, Mike Grell did a newspaper strip called "Savage Empire" which he showed to Julie Schwartz, and that got him a 3-part Aquaman strip and then the Legion (Savage Empire was reworked into "The Warlord" - and he used the title for the first Warlord trade paperback). The strip was later published in the Chicago Star newspaper in October 1975. Does anyone happen to have either the originals newspaper strips or scans of them? The only image I have is this low-res scan from an eBay auction years ago that I didn't win, and it appears to be the only Savage Empire image in Google Image Search.

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Jim Drew said...

Have to tried library microfiche searches? Since you have it narrowed to a single month, you might be able to find it fairly quickly.