Tuesday, March 09, 2010

One (Flight) Ring to Rule Them All

I'm late to the bandwagon here, but in case you hadn't heard, there's an effort going on to get DC to issue Legion Flight Rings, just like the 9 multi-flavored Lantern rings and the Flash ring that have come out or are coming out soon. A new Legion title is a great reason (not that we need any) to promote with a ring.

Svengali Lad (Sven Staatveit) started the ball rolling with this post:
Recently, DC mounted a postcard drive to see if readers were interested in renumbering the WONDER WOMAN book to #600. DC received over 800 postcards (as of their last post regarding this) and the change in numbering will happen this year. What worked for Diana’s fans can work for us, Legionnaires.

To put in simply, just mail a postcard filled out like this to DC:

c/o Dan DiDio
1700 Broadway
New York, NY

WONDER WOMAN fans only needed 600 postcards to make their change happen, we can do this, Legionnaires.

I would also like to remind DC that a plastic LSH FLIGHT RING has already been tooled, so there is no cost to them to design or sculpt a new one. This plastic LSH FLIGHT RING I’m referring to is the one that came with the DC DIRECT action figures of COSMIC BOY, LIGHTNING LAD and SATURN GIRL.
The Flight Ring Saga has been picked up by CBR's Robot 6, Progressive Ruin, Comics Alliance, the Miracle Machine, Major Spoilers, the Legion Abstract, the Comic Book Closet, and even a Facebook group.

The Emerald City Comic Con is in Seattle this weekend, anyone going to it who can ask about this?


RAB said...

I can never get past Brainy flipping his fellow members the two-fingered salute in this panel.

"This gesture called a Harvey Smith was considered a sign of great respect back in the 20th Century!" "Um...that's not what Obscure British Slang Boy says!"

Eric said...

If I can get into the DC Nation panel I'll try and ask. I'll probably wind up going to the Vertigo presentation rather than the Superman Goes to War on Sunday, though. (DC has a grand total of three panels on Sunday; I have no idea why two of them are at the same time.)

Michael said...

RAB - would you prefer, perhaps, this slightly-altered image of Brainy?

Angus said...

I may be wrong, but when Shooter's new run was solicited, wasn't there a mention in Previews about there being a Legion Flight Ring that could be ordered, and then it wasn't? If so, perhaps they had a ring tooled for that as well.