Monday, March 01, 2010

Trivia Quiz #45

Special no-theme trivia quiz!

1. How did Mon-El make Element 152?

2. Which Legionnaire(s) appeared on the covers of all three Legion Sourcebooks from Mayfair?

3. What is inertron made of?

4. Who were the Legionnaire counterparts to the Legion of Super-Rejects?

5. Which Legion villains have been related to each other?

6. Which Legion-related character was inspired by Tom McCraw?

7. How many domed cities made up New Earth following Earths' destruction in v4?


Asteroid Al said...

2. Ultra Boy is the only one.

Brainiac 5, Sun Boy, Mon-El, Wildfire and Element Lad were on two.

(Just to be a stinker, if you include the _Pawns of Time_ module, no one appears on all three...)

4. The Super-Rejects were analogues to Matter-Eater Lad, Shrinking Violet, Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Phantom Girl.

Yeechang Lee said...

In a case of super-science almost as great as Mon-El dragging a dwarf star to Metropolis, he physically pounded together other elements whose atomic numbers added up to 152.

PS - Word verification: REEPully (my caps)!

Anonymous said...

1. I know he rubbed at least three other elements together but what they were I don't remember.

2. Did any appear on the worlds sourcebook cover? if no then none. If yes, I'll say mon-el and Dawnstar.

3. inertron. I didn'e realise it was made i thought it was.

4. Phantom girl, shrinking violet, matter-eater lad, saturn girl? and cosmic boy?

5. the Hunters, Mordru and the Hag, Lightning Lord and Validus. the Myxytzplks and Luthor and his descendant.

6. Kent Shakespeare?

7. I'm guessing 38, I know one survived the destruction of Earth but didn't survive joining up.


Darrell Lawrence said...

For #5, I think I'll toss in a long shot answer in addition to those posted:

Starfinger (Lightning Lad version), Validus and Mekt.

Michael J. MacArthur said...

Number 4

Calorie Queen, Micro Lad, Magno Load, Exper Lass, Phantom Lad, and Cameleon Lad,

That's all I got.


Michael J. MacArthur said...

Magno LAD . . .


Michael said...

Mike, I was asking who the Legionnaires were that corresponded to the Rejects, not who the Rejects were.

Meerkatdon said...

#1: Yeah, Mon-El smushed together two elements whose atomic numbers added up to 152, thus achieving nuclear fusion. Surprisingly, no one was harmed.

#2: There were THREE sourcebooks?

#3: It's a compound of unobtanium, scrith, and General Products hull material, all smushed together by a Daxamite.

#5: The guy in charge of the Legion of Super-Monsters had a brother who later menaced the Legion. Pulsar Stargrave was possibly somehow related to someone, somewhere. At least two generations of McAuleys were Legion antagonists. The Dark Circle guys were all clones. The Earth-247 Legion simultaneously fought Old Dakseid and Young Darkseid (I don't know if you'd consider that related). And Doctor Regulus is Universo's grand-nephew twice removed on his mother's side, but neither of them talk about it that much.

#6: Based on absolutely no information at all, I'm going to guess M'rissey.

#7: "Domed" cities or "doomed" cities. There's a difference.


Michael J. MacArthur said...

Double sorry.

Paul Newell said...

1 He smooshed up Gold, Silver & Iron.

2 Ultra Boy's the only one.

4 Matter-Eater Lad, Shrinking Violet, Cosmic Boy, Phantom Girl, Saturn Girl & Chameleon Boy?

5 Jungle King & Dr. Marden King, Otto Orion & his son, Starfinger & Molock the Merciless, Tharok & The Dark Man,

7 94 Cities.

Jim Drew said...

3. Tiny bits of Trommite soul

5. Tharok and the Dark Man

6. I'm guessing one of the reboot holovid reporters

7. Was supposed to be 100, but only 51 survived Earth's destruction, I think

Murray said...

#6 Atom'x (or however it was spelled) was inspired by Tom McCraw's AOL screen name (most often viewed during those Legion chat hours... remember those?)