Monday, April 12, 2010

Trivia Answers #46

Special all-Mike Grell issue!

  1. Name two places where Grell drew himself in a published Legion issue.
  2. The one everyone knows is the All-New Collector's Edition C-55 (aka "That Damned Tabloid"). The other one is from the Meet "Iron Mike" Grell feature from Superboy 205.
  3. Grell took over from Dave Cockrum. How many published stories did they collaborate on?
  4. Just one - Grell's first issue (Superboy 202) was Cockrum's last. Cockrum pencilled "Lost - A Million Miles From Home!" and Grell inked it.

  5. One of Grell's stories on the Legion prominently featured "a black man who had been colored pink". Who was this man? (I need the actual character's name, not the one he mis-remembered in an interview.)
  6. Long story short: Cary Bates wrote a story in which a man seemed to turn against the Legion, for Grell to draw. Grell drew the man as black. Editor Murray Boltinoff said that they couldn't show a black man being the bad guy, even if he turns out good in the end. Plus, they were going to introduce a black Legionnaire soon. So they just colored him white. In Glen Cadigan's "The Legion Companion", Grell says: "It was about a young man who’s one of the Space Troopers who comes into a conflicting situation. He has to make a choice. Like a lot of us, he makes a couple of mistakes, but then he turns out all right. He does the right thing in the end. I saw that as a very positive thing." He's talking about Dvron (from Superboy 207), but in that interview he mis-remembers him as Soljer. See this Comic Book Legends Revealed episode for more quotes and pictures.
  7. Why did Grell leave the artist's job on the Legion book?
  8. From the Legion Companion: "I got off the title because Warlord had just been made monthly, and I was also doing Green Lantern/Green Arrow at the time. Given the choice between one or the other, since Green Lantern/Green Arrow, at that particular moment, was my favorite title - Green Arrow was always my favorite comic book character - it was a really simple choice to make."
  9. What was the most recent Legion-related work Grell had published?
  10. The alternate variant cover to Action Comics #861, one of the "Superman & The Legion" issues. (I own the original art to the preliminary pencil sketch to this one!)

  11. Grell co-created Dawnstar with Paul Levitz. The way Grell tells it, what parts of the character did he come up with, and which were Levitz's?
  12. From the Companion again: "I came up with the visuals for her, and the concept of her having wings and being an American Indian. That was about it. Paul [Levitz] came up with her superpower, and I'm pretty sure he came up with her name." She first appeared in Superboy 226.
  13. Which of the following Legionnaires, listed alphabetically, did Grell design a new costume for (not counting minor alterations due to artistic license)? Chameleon Boy, Cosmic Boy, Element Lad, Karate Kid, Light Lass, Lightning Lad, Princess Projectra, Saturn Girl
  14. Surprisingly (to me), the only costume that Grell redesigned was Cosmic Boy's. All of the other redesigns in this list came before. (Note that while a caption in the original story says that Colossal Boy got a new costume too, but he actually got that one in the original Wildfire story in Superboy 195). He started out blue and orange, then was red and blue (as seen above in the Cockrum/Grell panel), then he lost the blue arms and legs for bare skin.


Paul Newell said...

Nah, it's two different costumes for Colossal Boy. The first design was Dave Cockrum's, which he then altered a bit when it was recoloured red and blue.

The second was Mike Grell's which had elements of Cockrum's red & blue version.


Tenzil Kem, Esq. said...

That was a hard one!

Michael said...

Paul - those are some good examples. I'm having a harder time justifying my answer, but I'm going to stick with Grell's version as a minor tweak, more than just artistic license but not quite a full redesign.

If you compare the image in the lower right (by Cockrum) to the one on the left (by Grell), they have in common the headband, buckles and belt, shoulder pads, gloves, and pirate boots. Some of the color scheme is the same.

Michael said...

Tenzil - that's what she said! :)

Paul Newell said...

The two costumes have much in common, but they also have some major differences like the belt & harness and the bare arms and legs. I sort of see it like the Giffen redesign of the Cockrum costume. That also used a lot of the same elements, but was quite clearly different.

But horses for courses. :)

Doc said...

I'm re-reading the Mike Grell era again - I haven't really read it since I was a teenager when I first collected the back issues. I never realised how nearly-naked Cos was! Funny how most of the Legion were nearly naked, lol...

Anyway, keep up the great work on the blog. Thx!