Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Trivia Quiz #46

Special all-Mike Grell issue! One of the most popular artists of the Bronze Age Legion, his Legion art is still highly sought-after. He's one of my favorite artists, and he drew my very first Legion story (Superboy 212). This is for "Iron Mike" Grell.

  1. Name two places where Grell drew himself in a published Legion issue.
  2. Grell took over from Dave Cockrum. How many published stories did they collaborate on?
  3. One of Grell's stories on the Legion prominently featured "a black man who had been colored pink". Who was this man? (I need the actual character's name, not the one he mis-remembered in an interview.)
  4. Why did Grell leave the artist's job on the Legion book?
  5. What was the most recent Legion-related work Grell had published?
  6. Grell co-created Dawnstar with Paul Levitz. The way Grell tells it, what parts of the character did he come up with, and which were Levitz's?
  7. Which of the following Legionnaires, listed alphabetically, did Grell design a new costume for (not counting minor alterations due to artistic license)? Chameleon Boy, Cosmic Boy, Element Lad, Karate Kid, Light Lass, Lightning Lad, Princess Projectra, Saturn Girl


      Anonymous said...

      1) Certainly in 'that damn tabloid', not sure where else.

      2) One, I think.

      3) Pretty sure this was the first appearance of SP Officer Dvron.

      4) I believe it was to go off and concentrate on The Warlord, though I could be wrong.

      5) That Damn Tabloid. And what a lousy art job it was.

      6) Grell probably came up with the name and the costume.

      7) Just Cosmic Boy from that list.


      Anonymous said...

      just guesses but I'll try

      1. garth/imra wedding and issue 300?
      2. 2
      3. SP Dvron
      4. got Warlord
      5. Cover to Legion Companion
      6. Grell the wings, Levitz the native american heritage and female
      7. Cham, cos, Ligthning Lad and Satrun Girl


      ted said...

      He did an alternate cover for an issue of Action during the superman + the legion arc

      Paul Newell said...

      1. Garth & Imra's wedding and...Does the "Introducing Iron Mike Grell" picture from the Letter Column count?
      2. Just one?
      3. Dvron.
      4. Because he got Warlord.
      5. The alternate cover to Action Comcs #861
      6. He came up with the look, the wings and being an American Indian. Everything else was Levitz.
      7. Just Cosmic Boy...The only other one I can remember is Colossal By and he's not on the list.