Monday, July 12, 2010

New Cosmic Boy figurine

Lost in my inbox from when I was on vacation last week, here's an ad for an upcoming statue of Cosmic Boy from Eaglemoss Publications (which makes lead statuettes for DC Direct). Here's a list of what they have put out so far. Preorder from Previews (page 350) or from Big Bad Toystore, from where I got this image. Thanks to Travis Ellisor for the tip.

The ultimate collection for comics fans, the DC Superhero Collection Figurine Magazine brings together DC Comics' greatest heroes and villains! Official figurines of the characters, both good and evil, are cast in lead, individually hand-painted and numbered to form an authentic collector's edition. Each comes with a 20-page magazine providing detailed history and background on the featured characters, including exclusive images and interviews. Choose this month from Black Lightning (#66) or Cosmic Boy (#67). 


Meerkatdon said...

Nice! I pre-ordered mine. (Actually I ordered it, but don't tell the Big Bad Toy Store.)

peter vandeneneg said...

i really want a lead mon-el. for obvious reasons.