Friday, July 23, 2010

SDCC Legion figures

Here's a picture of the five Legion figures on display at the Mattel booth. Sculpts look amazing!


Keith said...

Thumbnail doesn't work for me, but it clicks through.

I only really want the founders.... ah ok, SOLD!

Brainy Pirate said...

I don't even see a thumbnail.... ???

Michael said...

Fixed the HTML coding, thanks.

Unknown said...

Matter-Eater Lad is finally getting an action figure. There's so much epicness in that I can hardly wait for the set to come out. The only downside is having to plunk down $180 on the whole set of 12 when I'd only want two of the figures for my permanent collection (as awesome as they'll all be). fortunately, I think there will be a market on eBay for singles from the set.

Also, really love your reflection there!

Tom Galloway said...

It's not quite obvious from the pic, but Tenzil's sculpt has his mouth full and indicates he's internally chewing. Not quite the mouth open with hinged jaw action I might have preferred, but nicely done.

Shadow Kid said...

More shots, including close-ups, at:

Shadow Kid said...

I LOVE that we're getting this mega-set, BUT...

Is it just me, or do the close-ups of Rokk, Garth and Kal look horribly goofy-bad?

The body sculpts ARE definitely amazing, but having an open-mouthed toothy grin on Cos and Superboy just looks wrong and totally cheesy—while Lightning Lad's arched eyebrows and pouty lips make him look like he's prepped for a night out in Lightning LADY drag.

Imra looks great, though I hope her head doesn't have to be that bent forward/down.

Tenzil is spot-on funny, though I'd MUCH prefer another Legion Lady (Shadow Lass in particular) in the set than the team's comic relief.

Hope there's time for some tweaks!

sudro2 said...

Some more pics on my Facebook page here:
Saturn Girl
Lightning Lad
Cosmic Boy
Matter-Eater Lad
Matter-Eater Lad Close Up

Shadow Kid said...

From the SDCC10 Preview Night interview with Mattel:

SD: I know that you’ve said you have plans for the Legion. Are you going to stick with one particular era or will be picking and choosing from the Legion’s entire 51 year history? What about the Legion of Super-Villains or the Legion of Substitute Heroes? What have been some of the design challenges you’ve encountered or think you will encounter when looking at the Legion’s cast?

TG: The Legion’s a tough one, because it’s such a huge team, and there have been so many different versions of them over the years. I can definitely tell fans, when they see what we are doing, we’ll announce it at the panel, we are in no way sticking with just one era. We’d love to get to the Legion in lots of eras. We will focus on one specific era with our first release. With the Substitutes, I’d love to get to Rainbow Girl, Chlorophyll Kid … they’re great. Both Bill (Benecke) and I are huge Legion fans. You’ll see that tomorrow.

SD: What were some of the design challenges for the Legion?

TG: Just like with any other DC characters, some of them are 100 percent new tool, some of them are just new heads.

Shadow Kid said...

More HUGE close-ups via, with a Spring 2011 on-sale mentioned:

Aaron said...

I may actually spend the entire $180 and just get them all in one wack...I'll have to see them up close, though.