Thursday, July 22, 2010

San Diego notes & open thread

Haven't had a chance to get to my computer to post some pics from Preview Night, but I saw the Mattel Tyr and Validus, and DC Direct's Mon-El figures. Didn't catch the DC writers panel earlier with Paul Levitz. And because I'm limited to my iPhone I can't check all the news sites. If you read any good Legion news please post it here with links.


Mike McKean said...

I was at the DC Writers panel. No specific news about the Legion. The panel was mostly about the writers' experiences scripting DC characters. Interesting stuff, but no news.

Shadow Kid said...



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Start saving your pennies, kids!

And let's hope for an all-girl Wave 2!! Fingers crossed for Shadow Lass (especially!), Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, Duo Damsel, White Witch, Princess Projectra, Dream Girl, Shrinking Violet, Light Lass, Night Girl, & Supergirl!

We're going to need Mon-El, Bouncing Boy, Blok, Star Boy, Sun Boy, Polar Boy, Tyroc, Invisible Kid(s) & Element Lad in this set too! Tellus & Quislet would be great too..and an R. J. Brande to boot!

Mike McKean said...

Bits of news from the Paul Levitz panel today, which was moderated by Geoff Johns.

The Legion run in Adventure Comics is indefinite. That is to say, there are no plans afoot to replace the LSH as the lead feature in Adventure.

Phil Jimenez will be illustrating the "back half" of LSH #6. There are a couple other artists lined up to work on the LSH (as guest shots, not regular), but Paul wouldn't mention any more names.

Superman/Batman #75, which will guest star the (adult) Legion, required two rewrites after Eddie Berganza (the S/B editor) sent it back to Paul. Originally, Paul wanted to use the teen LSH (essentially the team appearing in Adventure), but Eddie insisted that he should use the older team, because that was the team that everyone was excited about after its revival over the past few years.

Evidently, there is a plan afoot for a Levitz-Giffen collaboration. No other details.

That's the main Legion-related news I noted in today's session.

Mike McKean said...

Also, in the DC Nation panel on Friday (the second one at SDCC), Geoff Johns announced a new Flash series next year call Flash Speed Force. The focus will be on Wally and Bart, but evidently other speedsters, including XS, will be part of the cast.

XS will also be part of the Flashpoint story arc in the Flash comics next year.