Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trivia Answers #48

Guess I forgot to post the answers. June's theme was "stuff I thought of while reading LSH v6 #1".

1. What were the names of the members of the original Wanderers, and what were their new names once they got their own series?

  • The original Wanderers and their rebooted names are Celebrand (died, not rebooted), Ornitho (Aviax), Immorto (Re-Animage), Dartalg (Dartalon), Elvo (Elvar), and Psyche and Quantum Queen (both of whom kept their names).
2. In the Silver Age, just about every member had a name that fit the pattern "Descriptor + Gender/Youth", like Karate Kid, Dream Girl, and Princess Projectra. Which Silver Age Legionnaire(s) did not fit this pattern? (That is, everyone who joined before Wildfire).
  • Brainiac 5, Shrinking Violet, Mon-El, and Timber Wolf. Everyone else in the Silver Age was a Kid, Boy, Girl, Lass, Lad, King, or Princess.
3. Which of the Legionnaires or their closely related characters has or had some sort of tie to the Green Lantern Corps?
  • Rond Vidar and Universo were Green Lanterns. Celeste Rockfish became a living lantern of sorts (in a story that I don't think was ever fully finished) and later became Neon. I didn't think anyone would get "Teen Lantern" Jordana Gardner from the animated show's comic book series, but good call Don! And Earth-Man, of course. But nobody got the retroboot Rainbow Girl, as seen in the "Superman & the Legion" storyline, who has tapped into the rainbow spectrum even if she doesn't know it.
4. Not counting Adventure 247, who was the first Legionnaire to get a permanent costume change that is outside the "artistic license" boundaries (I consider "how many points were on the sunburst symbol on Sun Boy's costume" to be an example of artistic license; Cosmic Boy changing from his pink costume to the bustier-type is a major change)?
  •  Although it's a judgment call, my vote for first significant permanent costume change goes to Saturn Girl, who exchanged her red and white outfit with a skirt for a red (later hot pink) bikini in Action Comics 392. Much earlier, Lightning Lass changed her logo but I wouldn't call that as significant. Yes, my wording of the question doesn't specifically rule that out, but I make the rules here.
5. Which other Legionnaire(s) were forced to join the Legion against their wishes or will?
  • In the v4-era, the four Khund Legionnaires (Veilmist, Firefist, Flederweb, and Bloodclaw) were forced upon the Legion, who didn't want them. In the reboot Legion, Andromeda, Brainiac 5, and Gates didn't want to join but were forced to (is that all of them?). In the retroboot (current) Legion, the UP forced the Legion to accept Earth-Man.
6. Earth-Man is the latest Legionnaire to gain admittance to the Legion after his original tryout attempt. Who else failed at their first attempt, for whatever reason, and got in later?
  • Bouncing Boy, Matter-Eater Lad, Supergirl (pre-Crisis), Sun Boy, Shrinking Violet, Polar Boy, Night Girl, Fire Lad, Stone Boy, Infectious Lass, Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, Wildfire, Nightwind, Crystal Kid, Porcupine Pete, Storm Boy, Calamity King
7. Which other Legionnaire homeworlds have blown up?
  • Pre-Crisis: Krypton, Dryad
  • Post-Crisis: Sorceror's World
  • Glorithverse: Earth
  • Threeboot: Orando
  • Retroboot: Titan


MaGnUs said...

Hmmm... Princess Projectra and Chemical King do not follow the "Descriptor + Gender/Youth"; "princess" and "king" are nobility titles, not gender or youth words. It's not really the same thing than boy/girl/lass/lad/kid, regardless of it also describing their gender.

Troy said...

For #7, I don't think you can count Sorceror's World. The White Witch's homeworld is Naltor, not the Sorceror's World.