Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Computo, the iPad

If you follow Mark Waid on Twitter, you might have heard that yesterday he left his iPad on a plane and it was stolen. The interesting thing (and the relevant part, here) was that he posted a screen shot of the location where the MobilMe service said it was, and that's when I found out Waid named his iPad "Computo". I later asked him if he had any other geek tech with comic book names, and he said that his iPhone is named "Omnicom" (after the device, not this site, I'm sure).

I asked my readers a few years ago what Legion-related names they have for their tech stuff. Here's my current listing:

  • my desktop computer is "LSH-HQ"
  • my laptop is "Computo"
  • my network is "Sleepnet"
  • my wireless router is "LegionOutpost"
  • my iPhone is "Omnicom"
  • my flash drive in my briefcase is "Brainiac5"
What do you guys have?


MaGnUs said...

I'll go with all my geek name for my devices, not just LSH:

* My personal computer has been Cerebro since the late 90s. Each iteration, be it a new computer, or a formatting and reinstallation of it gained a new number. Currently, my Toshiba laptop is Cerebro VIII (there's been V.1 and stuff in the middle without a full renumbering).

* The desktop computer that nominally belongs to my wife and kid (but is mostly used by him, and I use it for downloading) is Brainiac V, althouh it's now V.I. One of the hard drives is named Computo.

* My flash drive is Quislet.

* My home network is Computonet.

I could probably name my phone Omnicom, but it's not a fancy smartphone...

Jim Drew said...

My main drive is Legion HQ, and my second drive is Legion Outpost.

Jonathan L. Miller said...

My iPod (not a touch, but it felt pretty right at the time I bought it) is Omnicom.

Asteroid Al said...

My home network is ColuDreamNet.

Jim Drew said...

Oh yeah, and my WiFi network is Legion, too.

Kitten said...

My main laptop is Computo.
My phone is my Omnicom.
And the only original one, I guess, is my little purple netbook. I named it Shrinking Violet.

Tony Howson said...

The devices on my network have names like Stan, Chuck, Andre, Zinda and Olaf. No real Legion connection other than the fact that it might have amused classic LSH artist Dave Cockrum.

Matt Kramer said...

My iPod is "Omnicom" and my laptop is "Computo".

Vik-Thor Harrison said...

Our wireless network at home used to be Babcom. (most of our devices are some type of 'taur. I.e. Printaur.

Eldabe said...

I don't have any devices with Legion-specific names, but my hard drive is names "Infinite Earths."

(My external hard drive is named "Richard Jason Timothy." Two of them have met the Legion, at least.)