Saturday, December 25, 2010

Legion collected editions on Amazon

Merry Christmas y'all! Who's waking up with some shiny new Amazon gift cards under the tree? May I suggest a trade paperback or two? Maybe a DVD, some video on demand, or even some toys?

(full disclosure: I get a small kickback if you order something after clicking one of these links).

Note: a few of these (marked with an asterisk) are currently for pre-order only. Let me know if I'm missing any reprint volumes, as I'm going to try to keep this updated on my sidebar to the left (below all the other stuff).

Video on Demand

L1 Legion

L2 Legion [Post-Zero Hour]

L3 Legion


Other TPBs

Animated Series on DVD


DC Heroes RPG (Mayfair)



Darrell Lawrence said...

Hey man... off topic, and I don't use Twitter, but didn't I read on your Twitter side bar that DC_NATION said they were going to post the fan balloting results after the issue came out?

Jim Drew said...

Under Retroboot, you've left out the New Krypton stuff which ends the Mon-El 21st century stories. The first retroboot LSH v6 collection has also been solicited.

And I still consider REBELS part of the overall Legion schema, although with the Vega and Rann stuff less so these days, so there are 3 or 4 collections there, as well.

MarkW said...

The Curse is the "sequel" to the Great Darkness Saga Deluxe Edition, not a V6 collection. It will take us right up to the Baxter run.