Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Legion Annual #1 delayed til January - here's why

Over at the DC Message Boards, in a discussion about why the Legion Annual has been pushed back to January 19th, Keith Giffen posted this:

Re: Legion of Superheroes Annual # 1
Posted: Dec 17, 2010 4:00 PM


My bad here gang... kinda.

My retina decided to detach midway through the job and what with going blind in one eye and optic surgery and what-all... well, do the math.

Just wanted to get it out there because I don't want anyone thinking anyone involved in the book's not pulling for all they're worth.

I guess filing it under s**t happens might seem a bit cavalier but... s**t does indeed happen.

I've been waiting for more than twenty years for the opportunity to return to the 30th century with Paul and I think it's to DC's credit that they were willing to wait a few weeks so I could get it done up right.

Oh, and yes,the 30th century's still just as much fun as I thought it would be.



Rob said...

Guess losing one's retina is fair enough as reasons go. Oh well. I've waited years to read a great Legion story. I can wait a few more weeks!

Darrell Lawrence said...

The voting results, via who voted for who:

Brainy - Himself(!!!)
Cham - Brainy
Colossal Boy - Mon-El
Cosmic Boy - Sun Boy (makes sense, given Dirk's comments to Coz a few issues back)
Dawnstar - No vote (In the hospital)
Dream Girl - Sun Boy (again, makes sense given the chit chat between the two in a past issue)
Earth Man - Polar Boy (one reject voting for another, I guess?)
Element Lad - Sun Boy
Gates - Earth Man (shocker there, given Gates is the MOST alien, along with Tellus and Quislet)
Invisable Kid - Brainy (saved his sister, after all)
Lightning Lad - Mon-El (I thought only active members could run and vote, and Garth was NOT on the list for voting)
Lightning Lass - Dream Girl (not Vi or T-wolf? [lol])
Phantom Girl - Mon-El (shows friendship there)
Polar Boy - Polar Boy (he did it again. Wasn't it traditional NOT to vote for yourself until he broke that tradition when he won his term?)
Quislet - Gates (what fun!)
Saturn Girl - Brainy (see Garth comment)
Sensor Girl - Mon-El
Shadow Lass - Earth Man (no surprise there, other than he didn't vote for her!)
Shrinking Violet - Polar Boy
Sun Boy - Mon-El
Tellus - Mon-El
Timber Wolf - Cosmic Boy (odd choice, given T-wolf knows how much Rokk wanted to give up the job. Maybe he only trusts Rokk to lead the team?)
Tyroc - Brainy
Ultra Boy - Mon-El (like PG, friendship shines here)
Wildfire - Brainy

Missing from voting that was on the voting list is Chameleon Girl.

Brainy Pirate said...

Maybe Keith (wisely) decided to redraw the entire issue to shift from Kirby-style to Cockrum-style!

(A boy can hope, right???)

I like the FB comment that it's payback for killing off Val all those times.... heh....

Brainy Pirate said...

Thanks for the list, Darrell. Kinda surprised the women only got one vote. Don't tell me 31st century xenophobia has brought a revival of sexism???

Anonymous said...

Amazon just alerted me to a summer release of 'Legion Lost' in hardcover.

Jim Drew said...

Sure enough. June 21. At long lost! (er, last!)