Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trivia Quiz #53

Trivia Quiz #53. Today's topic: random questions!

1. Which members of the Legion of Super-Pets debuted in a Legion story?

2. Speaking of the Super-Pets, several members of the LSP are also members of the Super-Pets team in DC's (non-canonical) kids line. Looking at both groups, which of the members are only in one group?

3. In one story, Cosmic Boy pressed a button, "activating the Selector Machine - round and round spin figures of our members, mounted on a wheel! Let's see who is chosen by sheer chance to.... " do what?

4. Glorith returned (sort of) at the Legion Academy. Back when she was the Time Trapper's assistant, what was the main reason that she was turned into a blob, yet the de-aged Legionnaires weren't, in ADVENTURE 338 (November 1965)?

5. In Dave Cockrum's original concept of the character we currently know as Wildfire, what was his code name?

6. Which two Legionnaires had this conversation:

Legionnaire 1: We're going to have to put on a "lovey-dovey" act to fool everyone, but don't overdo it, buster, or... POW!
Legionnaire 2: {chuckle} I promise... "Sweetheart!" Ha, Ha!

7. What does C.O.M.P.U.T.O. stand for?


Anonymous said...

1) Proty I and Comet (in a story that predated his "real" first appearance in Supergirl); also Proty II if you want to count "World of Doomed Olsens" as a Legion story and not a Jimmy Olsen story.

2)...don't know

3) Tell their origin story to applicants. (Bouncing Boy won)

4) Don't remember...

5) Starfire

6) Chameleon Boy and, uh, another male Legionnaire. Cosmic Boy?

7) Don't know...


Anonymous said...

4. some sort of fountain sprayed the babies with chemicals that stopped the deaging.


Steve said...

5. is ERG-1

Otto said...

5. ERG-1
6. Chameleon Boy and Cosmic Boy
7. Cybercerebral Overlapping Multi-Processor Universal Transceiver Operator

ted said...

Taking a shot at number 2 --

Both - Proty 1, Beppo, Comet, Streaky, Krypto

Superpets -- Proty II

Pet Club -- Ace the Bathound,Robin the Robin, Batcow, GL B'dg, Aqualad's fish, Mr. Tawny, Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, Jughead's Hot Dog (from Lil Archie)

Nikki said...

2)The Art Balthasar kids line of books? I don't think Proty is listed in those books. The other way around they use B'dg as a Green Lantern stand in and Jumpa for Wonder Woman, Ace the Bathound for Batman. Do they also use a seahorse for Aquaman? I also think they have a flash turtle.

4) I'm with Anon, it was Starfire

ICleverMan said...

3) Become leader of the Legion. This rather painful method of choosing a leader was wisely abandoned in favor of,.... uh, oh yeah,..... VOTING!

6) I think that was Phantom girl and Ultra Boy in Adventure 318, which, of course, led to their actual romance.