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LSH v4 Annual 2 annotations

Annotations for Legion of Super-Heroes v4 Annual #2

  • Cover: first appearance of the Valor logo, which will later be used on Valor’s own series in a few months
  • Page 2: there's a guy in a bubble here who looks like he's probably important, but don't worry about that since he won't reappear or be identified.
  • Page 4 panel 1:
    • Elia was invented for the 5YL run
    • Ardemo was a world on which Triplicate Girl was studying stone reliefs of a forgotten alien people when a voice from one called her and covered her in a metallic spray, in an attempt by the Time Trapper to trap her and force her to reveal the location of Legion super-weapon, the Concentrator. (ADV 321)
    • Apokalips is home of Darkseid; interesting to see a reference to converts to the Dark Circle on Darkseid’s homeworld
  • Page 4 panel 4: Dolminuss is also a newly named world for the 5YL
  • Page 5 panel 7: the Dark Circle has lost Carggg, which makes this part of the story contemporary. Recall that Carggg was freed back in issue 18, which was late March or early April 2995 (we’re in late April in the main book).
  • Page 8 panel 6-7: in the post-Mordruverse continuity, Lar Gand and his family came to Earth during the Invasion! crossover. He later became an associate of the L.E.G.I.O.N.
  • Page 9 panel 2: After leaving Dox and the L.E.G.I.O.N., he had adventures and settled for a time on an adopted world (i.e., Earth). Note that Valor’s own book didn’t start until after LSH #34, but he guest-starred in a lot of Superman books during that time.
  • Page 10: Crossover with the story of Ultra Boy from Annual 1. This is where the legend started.
  • Page 14: The Dominators were harvesting humans and experimenting on them to activate their meta-genes.
  • Page 18: Shamarra looks like a progenitor of Tharr
  • Page 43 panel 4: Impromptu Stump the Subs! What are the powers of the people who live on these planets?
    • Bismoll – able to eat and digest anything
    • Carggg – able to triplicate
    • Geequo – powers unknown; home planet of Apollo of the Devil's Dozen (ADV 350)
    • Janus – home planet of Double Header (ADV 323)
    • Lallor – no native powers (or they died out)
    • Mlain – powers unknown. A war-wrecked world to which Shrinking Violet fled when Heroes of Lallor tried to capture the team, having been tricked by Dr. Marden King into thinking they were super-villains. (ADV 324)
    • Myrnah – powers unknown. World on which no crime of misdeed has occurred since Braino, one of the noblest beings of all time, used his mind-power to funnel into himself all evil that existed on the world, killing himself in the process (ADV 320)
    • Somahtur – Inhabitants are carriers of a wide variety of diseases that do not affect them, and are able to direct individual diseases to others (SBOY 201)
    • Thanar – Asteroid orbiting a blue star, inhabited by a race of mineral-fleshed people. Superboy and Colossal Boy confronted the Super-Moby Dick of Space there (ADV 332)
    • Tharr – inhabitants learned to use their mental force to neutralize heat vibrations and create cold (ADV 306)
    • Winath – no native powers (or they died out)
    • Zwen – inhabitants evolved the power to turn to stone as a form of suspended animation (ADV 306)
  • Page 45 panel 4: the armies of the renegade Grykk emperor Gennesaret.
    • Grykk is a planet where Colossal Boy was seen on a monitor screen fighting a giant who had terrorized a town of normal-size beings. (ADV 301)
    • Gennesaret is the Greek version of the Hebrew name of an important Bronze and Iron Age city situated on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee, mentioned in the Old Testament and New Testament, and in the Aqhat Epic of Ugarit.
  • Page 48: in this continuity, it’s Glorith that puts him in the Bgztl Buffer Zone (not Superboy who put him in the Phantom Zone).
  • Page 50: the new retelling of ADV 300 when he temporarily makes it out of the Buffer Zone (which took place on 12/11/2974 per the Sourcebook)
  • Page 51: the murderous android from the past keeps the same color scheme as the robot Urthlo, but probably does not have HATE tapes inside of him
  • Page 52: new retelling of ADV 305 when he is permanently freed from the Buffer Zone (which took place on 1/23/75 per the Sourcebook)

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