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Valor #16-17 annotations: DOA parts 5 & 6

 Presenting two issues worth of annotations of Valor here again.

Annotations for Valor #16

  • On sale 12/14/93
  • Legion of Substitute Podcasters episode 682 (Nov 7, 2021)
  • Legion timeline: for Valor and Glorith, a few days after the last issue; for the Legionnaires, immediately after their appearance in the last issue, coming from TBD in September 2995

  • DOA Part 5 of 6. The book has some of the SW6 Legionnaires coming in from the 30th century and this title will soon join the other Legion books. But in the meantime, Valor is still in the 20th century and I'm only tracking the 30th century crew. 
  • Recall that from the Legionnaires’ perspective, this follows from their appearance last issue and overall is part of the sequence that takes place in between Legionnaires #16 pages 10-11 
  • At first, I noticed that Lori just resembled Glorith and that the name was close enough to be a fake-out, but last issue was the clincher when she took Valor to her home planet of Baaldur. That surely could not have been a coincidence. The character of Lori was created by Mark Waid back in issue 12, so this was planned all along and it wasn’t him picking up the plot threads by the previous team.
  • We still don’t know what happened to SW6 Valor, who went back in time several months ago in Legion-time (LSH v4 #37, which was May 2995; the Legionnaires are coming from mid-late September) and hasn’t been seen since.

Annotations for Valor #17

  • On sale 1/11/94
  • Legion of Substitute Podcasters episode 679 (Oct 18, 2021)
  • Legion Timeline: immediately after their appearance in the last issue, coming from TBD in September 2995

  • DOA Part 6 of 6. 
  • Cover: Colleen Doran worked with Terry Austin only four times:
    • Dazzler/Rogue 7p story in Marvel Fanfare 6/88
    • Captain Atom 22 p story 3/91
    • Cheshire profile in Who’s Who in the DCU 9/91
    • This cover 3/94
  • Page 5 panel 1: Glorith is being retconned into being the reason for Valor’s power issues over the course of the series (no telling what the original creative team had planned)
  • Page 16 panel 3: I guess Cosmic Boy is really and truly dead, right?
  • Page 19 panel 3: I guess Valor is really and truly dead, right?
  • Page 21 panel 3: I guess Ultra Boy is really and truly dead, right?
  • Page 22: notice that this new Valor’s costume is his traditional 30th century Legion costume and not the 20th century Valor’s costume. Could it be SW6 Valor, lost in the time stream since LSH v4 #37?

I'm not tracking the dates in the Valor timeline, other than they occur in 1993, just the Legionnaires stuff. Once we get into Legionnaires #16 everything will retroactively fit into place but for the moment they're still TBD. Boldface indicates something new learned this issue about the timeline.
  • TBD: Triad reviews Valor’s history with Catspaw (Valor #11, in between Legionnaires #15-16)
  • TBD: Brainy & Triad find that Valor has been retconned from history (Valor #13, which is the same as Legionnaires #16 pages 9-10); Brainy, Triad, Saturn Girl, Dragonmage, Ultra Boy, and Cosmic Boy leave to go back in time to find out what happened (Valor #14, which is the same as Legionnaires #16 page 10).
  • Outside of time: the Legionnaires are in the time stream and crash their Time Bubble (Valor #15); The Legionnaires fight Valor and find out that Lori is Glorith (Valor #16) and then fight Glorith, but Valor succumbs to the effects of his lead poisoning and dies; another Valor appears (Valor #17).

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