Friday, March 17, 2023

Legion March Madness: Sweet 16 part 2

You know the rules! Here's the fourth day's worth of games, all 8 of them ending on Sunday to get to the Sweet 16.

Click the Twitter poll to vote - note that the way Twitter embeds its polls now, it will open up a new tab for you to actually cast your vote. You'll have two days to vote, the poll will close on Sunday night and the winner will move on.

Poll 45: New Earth bracket, Cargg (cyan)

Poll 46: New Earth bracket, Lallor (rose)

Poll 47: Aleph bracket, Starhaven (gray)

Poll 48: Amazon Galaxy bracket, Cargg (cyan)

Poll 49: Amazon Galaxy bracket, Braal (purple)

Poll 50: Amazon Galaxy bracket, Braal (purple)

Poll 51: Planet Gotham bracket, Starhaven (gray)

Poll 52: Planet Gotham bracket, Lallor (rose)

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