Friday, August 25, 2006

Comics fans are better than SF fans

Case in point: The Legion panel at Worldcon. I mentioned earlier this month that the Legion was getting a discussion panel at the big Science Fiction convention, Worldcon, in LA this week. From what I've seen and read, Worldcon is the SF equivalent of the San Diego Comic Con, except it rotates around different cities.

At San Diego, bloggers were out in force and within a couple of hours of a panel you could read about it as it was liveblogged, see photos taken at it, and then watch it on YouTube. See this post about San Diego day 2 for an example.

At Worldcon, well, nothing. All I could find of the Legion panel - which took place on Wednesday - was one passing mention.


Sheryl said...

Worldcon is just different than San Diego Con, that's all. It's really the difference between comics fandom and SF fandom. Comics fandom is the more social, more inclusive fandom. SF fandom can be cliquish and even snobby, in a reverse geek kind of way. Worldcon particpants, being more insular, aren't quite as willing to share with the rest of the world what happens.

Mind you, I like both SD and WorldCon, but there's not a large crossover between the participants.

And before the flames begin, I'm speaking in generalities here, and my experiences in attending both conventions.

Tamara said...

You shouldn't get flames. How you described the two fandoms is dead on. SF Lit fandom is a world unto itself more often than not.