Saturday, December 02, 2006

Legion CCG sneak peak

The Vs. System sneak peek is this weekend for the new Legion set (supposed to come out around the end of the year). Here are some of the new stuff:

Metagame has images of the Extended Art foil versions of the XS and Brainiac 5.1 cards. The XS card is for participating, the Brainy card is for a prize (according to VSRealms).

Here are larger images of the playmat and T-shirt awarded to top finishers. There's also a deck box that goes along with them, but I haven't found any images yet.

Metagame also says that "the deck boxes given out this time around are plastic instead of tin. With a velcro flap, they won’t open as easily in your backpack, and they even come with an index board that features Legion of Super Heroes art."

More new cards:

Level 12 Intelligence (via Metagame)

Darkseid: Nemesis (via the Marvel_DC_TCG Yahoo group)

Terror Incognita (via VSRealms)

There are also some more Darkseid cards, but no new ones featuring the Legion.

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