Sunday, December 24, 2006

The news never stops

Just because I'm not posting doesn't mean there's not stuff going on in the Legion-centric world:

  • Comics Continuum reported that although official word on a second season of the Legion cartoon show has not appeared yet, "an announcement about the show's future is expected in the next month or so. However, ... scripts are being worked on for a new season."

  • The new Heroclix expansion set, coming in March, is confirmed or strongly rumored to have the following Legion-related figures, according to those in the know:
    - Confirmed: Supergirl (current version)
    - Strongly Rumored: "Legion of Superhero members (Valor/M'On-El?, Timber Wolf?, Tripicate Girl/Duo Damsel?, Bouncing Boy?), LSH villains (Mano? Tharok?)", new JSA Starman
    - Rumored: Proty (as a bystander)

  • In addition to the 120 or so Legion-related cards in the latest Vs. System CCG set (plus the same cards as foil), there is yet another set that appears to be foil only. These are the "stacker" cards, which when laid side by side produce a triptych, as they don't have the regular borders (or aren't supposed to). There's one stacker set here, featuring Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Live Wire.

    Compare this to the non-stacker cards:

    Carlos at found a Live Wire stacker card that has a border (which it's not supposed to have). Don't know if that's a misprint or what.

Finally, a holiday treat. The Invincible Super-Blog reviewed the Superboy and the Legion story in which the team tries to find the Christmas star, from DC Special Series #21. It's awesome.

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