Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Toywatch: Animated-based figures coming soon

From the Legion-List mailing list comes word of a sneak peek at the action figure line based on the animated series. The Action Figure Insider forum has some discussion as well.

The December 2006 issue of Previews has an ad for ToyFare Magazine #116 (page 194), in which they'll have an article on the upcoming Legion action figure line.

From the ad:

We take you inside the hot new cartoon series and show you why it's the perfect successor to Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited! Plus, a sneak-peek at the new toy line from Mattel!

Of course, AFI has been all over this for a long time. The latest news was a month ago, when one of the board posters (who is apparently in the know) said "I heard they will be out in 07. my meeting with one of the Mattel guys got pushed off till after Thanksgiving. I'm still working on getting info." None of the guys there has admitted to seeing any prototypes or hearing about which figures are in the first wave, though.

One other poster notes that
bear in mind that this issue of ToyFare comes out the same week as the American International Toy Fair takes place in New York. So, if we don't see the Legion figs in ToyFare the magazine, we'll see'em for sure at Toy Fair the event

The Toy Fair 2007 is in February in NYC.

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