Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What's in the box?

I got my box of Vs. System cards in the mail today. I won an ebay auction at only $40, which is way below the regular auction rate (around $60) and far below the retail rate (about $80 at my local comic shop). So what did I get for my $40?

Each box contains 24 packs, each with 14 cards, so that's 336 cards altogether. Each pack has one foil card, leaving 312 regular cards. There's 220 cards in the set (plus special "stacker" versions of three cards, and then a foil card of all 223). Of the 220 cards, 110 are "common", 55 are "uncommon", and 55 are "rare".

I counted 124 Legion-related cards in the set (see this post for my newly updated checklist), but that includes a number of cards from the "Foundations" storyline in the post-Zero Hour reboot continuity that starred Darkseid and his minions (but many of these cards don't show Legionnaires). If you don't count those, that's about 15 fewer cards to worry about.

In my box, I got a complete set of Commons (222 of 110, or 2.02 of each) and Uncommons (72 of 55, or 1.31 of each), but only about a third of the set of Rares (18 of 55, or 0.33 of each). This translates to a ratio of roughly 6 Commons to 4 Uncommons to 1 Rare per box. I ended up getting 3 Rares for every 4 packs, lower than I expected, but I didn't expect to get so many Uncommons.

None of my foil cards were duplicates. I fared better there, with 12 Commons, 6 Uncommons, and 6 Rares (equal to the proportion of cards in the deck but out of proportion to the other cards in the box).

But more importantly, I did get a full set of Commons and Uncommons. Of my 18 Rares I got, 9 were Legion related, which leaves just 19 Rares to complete my Legion set.

My extra foils went right to Ebay where they can be appreciated in a loving home, as did my "Mobilize" card which is apparently the most-sought-after card in the set. Those should offset much of the cost of getting those other 19 Rares. The rest of my unwanted cards will probably go there too, and I'll probably hang on to the Legion duplicate cards for a while for trades.

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