Saturday, December 30, 2006

Who did this art?

Update: The reason it looks like Kevin Nowlan art is because it is. For me, he has a distinctive way of drawing eyes, which is why I thought it was his in the first place. I verified it over at the Kevin Nowlan Yahoo Group. I found some posts by a guy at Upper Deck from April 2006 about a "pretty killer packaging illustration" he was doing for them. Too bad it's only on the box and not anywhere else, at least on a card or something.

Can anyone ID this artwork? It's from the box top of the new Vs. System card set starring the Legion, and it doesn't appear on any of the cards in the set. It looks a bit like Kevin Nowlan in the faces, I think.

Here's the whole box top:

And a closeup:


ultramanu said...

I'm pretty sure it's Kevin Nowlan

Anonymous said...

It is indeed The great Kevin Nowlan.

Michael said...

Yep, over on the Nowlan Yahoo group, I sent Kevin an email asking about it, and he confirmed it was his. He didn't know if the art was going to be used elsewhere, but it's not on one of the cards.