Monday, January 08, 2007

Eric Canete's animated show backgrounds

You may recall that Eric Canete was one of the background artists for the first season of the Legion show (see previous posts here and here).

On his blog today he's got some conceptual artwork for New Metropolis in the 31st century, including several ideas for the LSH clubhouse. They wanted to keep the "upside-down rocketship" theme for the HQ, and Eric has some ideas posted. Here are a couple of them, check out his page for the rest.

The funny thing is, I did so many concept images that covered how the structures would look on this future Earth, only to realize the characters didn't stay on Earth very much! I mean, after the first episode, they went everywhere but Earth! Haha! I still had so much fun doing it as it was an extremely challenging, creative process.

You also might recall that in a couple episodes so far, they've called the clubhouse "Computo" (uh-oh!). According to Eric, it is (or was supposed to be) alive!
...The structure that's supposed to look like a crash landed rocket ship is an actual living organism that is a card carrying (well, in this case a 'ring bearing') member of the crew. That's just weird; he's got the Legion guys walking around in his guts. Ah, those kooky DC Comics writers.

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