Sunday, February 11, 2007

Toywatch: US Toy Fair 2007 day 0

I've been monitoring a number of websites but haven't seen anything about Legion figures yet. Sunday was Day 0 (Preview day for the media), but the manufacturers are holding a lot back. Here are the sites I'm checking in on:

In particular, I'm watching both the Mattel forums (where we've been told to expect something, either in the Justice League Unlimited line or something else) and the DC forums (in case something pops up in the DC Direct line). Nothing so far, but the big show hasn't even started yet.

I'm sure someone will scoop me on the photos, but check back here in the afternoon and hopefully I'll have something. Or, if you see something there or elsewhere, please leave me a comment.

The big question - will Mattel be making figures based on the Justice League line or the Legion line?

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