Friday, December 07, 2007

Déjà Vu 5: Cover Homages - Adventure 300

Sometimes a cover idea is too good to waste (it's not a ripoff or a swipe, it's an homage!).

Superman Annual #2 (1960)
Adventure Comics #300 (1962)
Superman Annual #6 (1963)
LSH v2 #301 (1983)
The Trouble With Girls #12 (1990)
LSH v4 #41 (1993)


Bryan-Mitchell said...

You missed the 5YG Legion #24 which is a variant without the names of the characters on it.

Anonymous said...

And by far the best of those is the least faithful (the Andromeda-centric one), since it varies what is a tremendously dull layout. Next best (not shown here) is the Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow TPB, which changes the original cover it was based on (a more faithful homage) to have circular insets rather than the grid.

Michael said...

The theme I was looking for had to have a character flying in the center column (typically over some buildings like the Clubhouse).

"Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" TPB cover shows Superman as a statue, surrounded by insets. In my mind, that was closer to an homage to the Silver Anniversary Superman Annual #7 cover from 1963.

As for LSH v4 #24, I had considered it, but I left it out because of the flying criteria. It is clearly inspired by the originals, as can be seen in the layout, but it's got just a giant figure standing in the middle and closeups on the sides.

If you go back to the original Superman Annuals from the 1960s, you'll see the same pattern 3-1-3 repeated over and over.

Anonymous said...

I remember TCJ calling Giffen's work on #301 a swipe. Facetious tw*ts.