Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sneak peek at Shooter/Manapul's Legion

Newsarama has a sneak peek - the first 5 pages - of LSH v5 #37. I don't know about your area, but new issues here don't come in until Friday. Remember, this issue has a 2-part cover that makes a big image by Manapul/Livesay. (Back in the olden days, it would have been a fold-out or wraparound cover, now we have to buy two copies.)


Terence Chua said...

"Fearless leader." Hh. Haven't read that one in a while, it seems.

I'll reserve judgment until I read the whole thing, although my initial impressions are that it's readable but nothing spectacular... which may be an unfair expectation, really, and one borne more out of hype than anything else. I do wish Shooter well, I do! It's Christmas, after all.

However, I did groan at the "Yo D'lay!" greeting from the Triton City Manager. I mean, really, Jim.

Murray said...

I really liked what I saw. In no particular order:

- the art is great! Way better than Kitson's static images... super cool aliens... great looking legionnaires, expressive faces and body language... Manapul's a keeper

-the story just picks right up from where the last issue left off... no new beginnings... no clean slate/fresh start... just Legionnaires doing Legion things (bonus... it doesn't look to be "part one of..." it looks to be just a nice fresh issue the way that Levitz used to do. Yay!

- mini-missions are back... and so are subplots... doesn't appear that everything is going to tie into one huge mega story... just little slices of adventures all running concurrently

- the characters sound right... they have personalities that are in keeping with how I want to see the team and with how they've been portrayed since the beginning of the threeboot.

I am so totally looking forward to this! Hopefully the rest of the issue will be as enjoyable as these pages and that the rest of their run is long and uninterrupted.


Jim Drew said...

I concur with murrfox: nothing in this preview to complain about, and some things to be happy about.

Francis Manapul said...

thanks murrfox glad you liked the art. if anyone is interested I've posted panel snips from the issue over at my blog I think most folks will be happy with our first issue, the thing that surprised me most was the amount of action I got to draw so if anything else it will be a fun ride at the very least.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleasantly surprised. I wasn't sure that Jim could write the threeboot Legion, but it looks like he can. I hope he doesn't lay a great big egg at the end of the story and disappoint me.

The art is quite dynamic, yet attractive. I'm only sorry we have to wait until Friday (you DID say Friday, right? *groan*)to get our hands on the issue.

Bryan-Mitchell said...

I really hate that they are splitting up the cover. If it was any other book I wouldn't even think about buying both of them. But with the Legion? I don't know. I'll have to see what else comes out this week. If it is a light week I will probably break down and buy both. If it isn't I will try to stay strong and only buy one.

MaGnUs said...

I haven't read the dialogues, but even though I'm not a big fan of Manapul's art, I could get used to it.