Friday, December 07, 2007

Trivia #18 answers

Man, you guys are tough. It's getting harder to find something that you guys don't know.

1. In this month's Action Comics 859, the Legion went into the 1000 year old Batcave looking for a Kryptonite ring. What were they looking for the last time we saw them visit the Batcave?

I was thinking of the time from the original Computo story when they went to find the Bizarro duplicating ray (like making a Bizarro Computo was a good idea?), but I forgot about the time in v4 when Tenzil led an archaeological expedition to the Batcave.

2. Also in Action 859, we see that the "Justice League" of 3008 is comprised of the former Spider Girl, Golden Boy, Tusker, Absorbancy Boy, Storm Boy, and Radiation Roy - all of whom were originally seen as Legion rejects. Why were they each rejected?
Spider Girl, Radiation Roy, and Tusker were rejected because they couldn't control their powers properly. Storm Boy used a forbidden device, Golden Boy was rejected by Dynamo Boy for economic reasons (use of his power might devalue gold), and Absorbancy Boy was rejected because his power wasn't considered useful. (Sure looked useful to me!)

3. Who were the members of Cosmic Boy's Legion of Substitute Heroes?
Cos was joined by Bouncing Boy, Karate Kid II (Myg), Night Girl, Duo Damsel, Comet Queen, and Visi-Lad.

4. In the Legion of Super-Pets, who was Super-Bird?
The following exchange appeared in the letters column of Adventure 318:

Dear Editor: As a new reader of your magazine, I would like to know more about the "Legion of Super-Pets." Could you list the various creatures who belong to this super-menagerie? - Sandy Tail, Great Neck, N.Y.

(The super-creatures include: Super-Horse, Krypto, Super-Monkey, Streaky, Proty II and, coming up soon, Super-Bird. Incidentally, how many readers would like to see "Krypto-Mouse," featured in the Hall of Fame classic story in this issue? -Ed.)

Obviously, Super-Bird never appeared, and Super-Mouse never joined the Super-Pets.

5. When Livewire quit the Legion to join the Work Force, who were the members of that group?
At the time, the members were Ultra Boy, Karate Kid, Spider-Girl, Inferno, and Evolvo. Later, Blastoff, Particon, Radian, and Lori Morning joined up after several original members left to join the Legion.

6. 'Tis the season... Most of us are familiar with the "Christmas with the Super-Heroes" story in which the Legion journeyed to the "Christmas star". But where else have we seen a significant Christmas scene in Legion history?
In Action 289, Supergirl tried to play matchmaker with Superman, so she took him to the future of the Adult Legion and tried to set him up with Saturn Woman. Unfortunately, she was already married to Lightning Man. In the story, they still have mistletoe, but the Christmas trees have planets that rotate around the tree rather than regular hanging ornaments. Here are a few pages (via scans_daily).

7. What did the following people - Hold Atovlo, D. Spengler Bonita, Dafe Meron, Wray Muntz, Leemac Allen, Concheta Drisden, and Mick Yardreigh - have in common?
In LSH v4 #27, page 4, a list appeared of the subjects held by the Dominators in their chambers under Weisinger Plaza. Most of them were pre-existing characters. The thing I was looking for was that they had all been mindwiped (there were a number of characters who had not been, too). Atovlo was Holdur, Meron was Polecat, Drisden was the daughter of Charma and Grimbor, and Yardreigh was Black Mace. Others held and mindwiped included Flynt Brojj, Caress, Squire Burroughs, Myg, and Absorbancy Boy (him again?). See the full list at Doug Atkinson's v4-era FAQ.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone think the person who asked about the Super-Pets, "Sandy Tail" was real?

I once saw an Adventure era letter addressed from Bell City, Maine. No town I ever heard of. I say town only because we really don't have any "cities."

Unca' Mort was infamous for polling the kids in his neighborhood for ideas and then passing them off to writers as his own. I suspect he played much the same game with his lettercols.

If any kids had written in ideas for Super-Bird of Krypto-Mouse, I'm sure they would've been added to the rolls.

DC should put out an Animal Antics tpb with some of its funny animal inventory, plus a few Super-Pets and SCPA stories.

Matthew E said...

Wasn't Visi-Lad also in that edition of the Subs? I mean, I know he wasn't a big part of the story in that Annual, but I thought he joined the group at the end.

Michael said...

Sorry, you're right. That was a copy/paste error on my part. I've added him back on.

Reboot said...

Radion, not RadiAN!