Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Legion of Heroes Heroes

Here's my updated list of heroes from the NBC show "Heroes" and how they relate to the Legionnaires (just for the hell of it), through the end of "Volume 2". New or revised entries are in bold.

[Update: added Golden Boy to Bob Bishop's listing]

The main bad guy, Sylar, absorbs powers from others by an unknown means which appears to have something to do with taking their brain out of their head. One of the main good guys, Peter, absorbs powers from others just from proximity, and retains those powers (whether he realizes that he has them or not) with no ill effects to the original power holder. In the list below, Sylar's powers are marked with a #, while Peter's powers (which include all of Sylar's, since they met) are marked with a *. Sylar is currently powerless.

The main cast
*Claire Bennett (self-healing/regeneration) - ???
*Nikki/Jessica Hawkins (strength) - Superboy/Mon-el/Supergirl/Andromeda/Ultra Boy (partial)
*DL Hawkins (intangibility) - Phantom Girl
*Micah Hawkins (technopathy) - Computo
*#Isaac Mendez (precognition) - Dream Girl
*Hiro Nakamura (time/space) - Infinite Man
*Matt Parkman (telepathy) - Saturn Girl
*Nathan Petrelli (flight) - Superboy/Mon-el/Supergirl/Andromeda/Ultra Boy (partial)
Peter Petrelli (duplicate another's power after he's been nearby) - Absorbancy Boy
*Gabriel "Sylar" Gray (steal powers) - Duplicate Boy

Everyone else from the TV show
Bob Bishop (alchemy) - Element Lad, Golden Boy
Charlene "Charlie" Andrews (eidetic memory) - Brainiac 5
*Elle Bishop (electricity) - Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass
*Claude (invisibility) - Invisible Kid
*#Brian Davis (telekinesis) - Tellus
Monica Dawson (photographic reflexes) - ???
*Charles Deveaux (dreaming) - Dream Girl
Hana "Wireless" Gitelman (internet) - Computo
Meredith Gordon (pyrokinesis) - Sun Boy, Fire Lad
Alejandro Herrera (cure disease) - ???
Maya Herrera (induce disease) - Infectious Lass
Haitian (memory erase, power damper) - ???
Sanjog Iyer (can enter dreams) - Dream Girl (current series)
*Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe (self-healing/regeneration) - ???
Daniel Linderman (healing touch) - ???
*Eden McCain (persuasion) - Universo
Maury Parkman (mental manipulation) - Saturn Girl, Universo
West Rosen (flight) - Superboy/Mon-el/Supergirl/Andromeda/Ultra Boy (partial)
*#Dale Smither (super-hearing) - Superboy/Mon-el/Supergirl/Andromeda (partial)
*Ted Sprague (radiation) - Radiation Roy
*#Zane Taylor (liquification) - Element Lad, Chameleon Chief
*Molly Walker (tracking) - Dawnstar, Shikari
Candice Wilmer (illusion) - Princess Projectra
TBD (weather control) - Storm Boy
*#TBD (cold) - Polar Boy
*#TBD (unknown) //Sylar killed 6 before we met him, but we've only seen two of those powers)
*#TBD (unknown)
*#TBD (unknown)
*#TBD (unknown)

Characters from the Graphic Novels
Au Co (plant manipulation) - Chlorophyll Kid
Evan (duplication) - Triplicate Girl
Richard Drucker (Cyberpathy) - Computo
Guillame (emotion manipulation) - ???
"Liquid Man" (self-liquification) - Chameleon Boy
Maarten (pyrokinesis) - Sun Boy, Fire Lad
Traveler (omni-lingualism) - ???
name unknown (dehydration) - ???
name unknown (electricity absorption) - Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass
name unknown (speed) - XS
name unknown (electrical manipulation) - Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass

* = power of Nathan's via proximity
# = power of Sylar's via TBD
(mostly via the Heroes entry in Wikipedia)


Matthew E said...

Would you not map Bob to Golden Boy?

Michael said...

D'oh! Yeah, that's an obvious one - a guy who can turn things to gold by touching them. That's both Bob and Golden Boy.

Hard to believe that in 50 years, we've never seen someone who can cure diseases or heal others with a touch, dampen powers (like the X-Men's Leech), has photographic reflexes (like Taskmaster), can heal from any wound, manipulate emotions (like Psycho Pirate), or speak any language (like the New Mutants' Cypher).

Jonathan Miller said...

Didn't Gail Simone try to give Timber Wolf a "healing factor" in her 3 issues towards the end of the last LSH series? Not saying it was a good idea (I assumed at the time that she was confusing TW with Len Wein's version of the character he created for Marvel, ahem), but does it count?

And I could have sworn there was a villain who could manipulate emotions...I assume Charma, with her power limitation, doesn't count?

(And, of course, the "speak any language" thing is a bit redundant with telepathic earplugs.) :-)

Matthew E said...

The Haitian might map well to Lemnos.