Monday, December 03, 2007

Trivia Quiz #18

This month's theme: Super-Team Family! (2 quatloos to those who get the reference.)

1. In this month's Action Comics 859, the Legion went into the 1000 year old Batcave looking for a Kryptonite ring. What were they looking for the last time we saw them visit the Batcave?

2. Also in Action 859, we see that the "Justice League" of 3008 is comprised of the former Spider Girl, Golden Boy, Tusker, Absorbancy Boy, Storm Boy, and Radiation Roy - all of whom were originally seen as Legion rejects. Why were they each rejected?

3. Who were the members of Cosmic Boy's Legion of Substitute Heroes?

4. In the Legion of Super-Pets, who was Super-Bird?

5. When Livewire quit the Legion to join the Work Force, who were the members of that group?

6. 'Tis the season... Most of us are familiar with the "Christmas with the Super-Heroes" story in which the Legion journeyed to the "Christmas star". But where else have we seen a significant Christmas scene in Legion history?

7. What did the following people - Hold Atovlo, D. Spengler Bonita, Dafe Meron, Wray Muntz, Leemac Allen, Concheta Drisden, and Mick Yardreigh - have in common?


Jonathan Miller said...

Ok, I can get some of these without research.

1. Tenzil was conducting/televising an archeological dig, I think--or did you mean something else? ;-)

2. Spider Girl's hair went out of control, Tusker's tusks got trapped in a tree trunk, Radiation Roy was deemed a danger to friends as well as foes, Storm Boy used a device for his can't remember the specifics of the other two. (And I haven't read the Action issue yet...)

3. Let's see. Cos, Night Girl, Comet Queen (fer shure), Duo Damsel, Bouncing's been a long time since I read that annual.

5. I know Ultra Boy was. Can't recall the rest.

7. They're all at least partially anagrams of real people, either fans or people who worked on the Legion?

Michael said...

I'll take your word for #1 (my memory of v4 Glorithverse stuff is kinda hazy), but if that's true, then I was actually looking for something earlier. I thought there was only the one instance - when I said "the last time" I thought that was the first time.

Don Sakers said...

#1: They were looking for a machine that could defeat the original Computo.

#4: Oh, man, there was some crazy mynah bird (?) that had superpowers for some reason...was it SUPERMAN 176 (April 1964)?

#6: In an early Action story, Supergirl took Superman on a matchmaking visit to see the adult Legion around Christmastime. Superman kissed Saturn Woman under the mistletoe (twice, as I recall) -- and her husband, Lightning Man, got quite offended.

murrfox said...

1. I remember them visiting the Batcave, too. I didn't think it was Computo, though. I thought it was when they were on the run and went into the Batcave without costumes. Wait... maybe that was Luthor's lair, and they used a costume maker machine to outfit them.

3. Myg the second Karate Kid was also a member of Cos' subs.

4. Ultra Boy was a member of the workforce. So was Inferno (the annoying chick), and Evolvo (is that what he was called?) I think Spider Girl was, too...

No clue about the rest of the questions.

Duke said...

Ok, I'm at work, so I'll be doing this without source material. You'll have to take my word that I didn't Google anything.

1) They were looking for something they could use against Computo. I almost want to say that it was the raygun which created the Bizarro Computo. Whatever it was, I remember wondering what they heck something like that would be doing in the Batcave. I always thought it would have been fun to have the Weidro Legionniare gallop after Computo on a Dinosaur while rolling a giant penny. Now, THAT would have been distracting.

2) Spider-Girl got caught in the old, "I-can't-control-my-powers," web. In a rare benevolent moment, Dynamo Boy decided Golden Boy would flood the market and reduce the value of gold. Tusker got stuck in a tree. Absorbancy Boy was of no prectical use. Storm Boy broke the no artificial powers rule, which makes me wonder if his powers will again be faked in Action. Either way, fighting him is apparently one mission that is not too dangerous for a girl. Radiation Roy, of course, was deemed a meance to society.

3) Cosmic Boy had Night Girl, Bouncing Boy, Duo Damsel, Karate Kid II, and like, ohMUHgaaawwwwwd, Comet Queen.

4) There was a bid in the A.D. 1,000,000 Legion of Super-Pets, but other than that, I thought Super-Bird only ever showed up in a Bits o' Legionnaire Business column, or some other text feature.

5) Ug, you're killing me with this one. Evolvo and Spider-Girl. I think Karate Kid was on the team at that point. Was Radion? Blastoff!? Really, I forget.

6) Supergirl took Superman to an Adult Legion Christmas Party in hopes of hooking him up with Saturn Woman. Too bad Lightning Man caught them under the misteltoe. However, in a weird ripple in hypertime, Superman invented anti-gravity belts about 25 years after the Legion passed them out like candy to Legion rejects.

7) Okay, I admit it. I Googled this one. They were listed as Dominator test subjects. Although I wonder, for the first time, isn't it odd thta Holdur's first name is Hold? I mean, imagine if, instead of Cosmic Boy, Rokk Krinn decided to go around super-heroing as Rokkur!

Jim Drew said...

WorkForce was Live Wire, Inferno, Evolvo, Ultra Boy, Karate Kid, and Spider-Girl. (And as an extra plus, they were a riff on Marvel's Avengers spin-off, ForceWorks.) Here's the Frunt page on their intro.

I think there was also a Christmas reference in "The Great Darkness Saga", at least with a Giffen art swipe.

The Dominator test subjects were all Tuckerizations of Legion fans, a la Flynt Brojj. My memory wants to say British Legion fans.

Hal Shipman said...
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Hal Shipman said...

All the rest have been answered and this is just fleshing #1 out a bit:

Yes, the Batcave was when they were looking for the Bizarro ray in Adv # 340 and 341. But it's really easy to confuse with the Universo story (#'s 359 & 360) where they were also on the run and accidently found one of Luthor's Lairs, with a costume maker.

peter vandeneng said...

and a food replicator that they imaginitvely made sammiches with!

30th century outlaw sammiches!

Michael said...

Dammit, if I can't stump you guys with Super-Bird, what do I have left?

Duke, you scare me.

Jim - most of the names came from Who's Who in the Legion, which predates the TMK run. There were only a couple of new names (which may in fact be Tuckerizations, but if so, I have no idea of who they refer to).

However, for #7, that group has one other specific thing in common that others don't have.

Jim Drew said...

They are all relatives of powered characters. (Conchetta Drisden was related to Charma, but I can't identify the others without resorting to Google.) "Guess Who? WRONG!" was the cover most related to this scenario, I presume.

Damien Whiter said...

I only looked at the omnicomments because I didn't know the answer to any of the questions and I was really embarassed about the batcave question. I reread the 5-years-later Legion 11 only yesterday, and Tenzil Kem was at the batcave (though he said it was evidence of the existence of the mythical "Titan Presidents of Bismoll").

I read it yesterday and I still couldn't think of the answer. It's true, comics must rot your mind.

Duke said...

"Duke, you scare me."


I can only imagine that you mean that in the good way. =)

There is a good way, right?

Michael said...

Jim - you are correct about Drisden, but your theory is wrong.

Duke - that you could recall THAT much trivial information makes you scary in a Rich Morrissey kind of way.

(But if you have to google an answer, please don't write it down. This is a knowledge quiz, not an internet skills quiz.)

Not that I think it'll help much, but those seven in Q7 are joined by five others (that I know of) with their specific commonality.

Damien - really? That happened that early in v4? Now that you mention it I have a vague recollection of that, but I wouldn't have recalled any details had you not described it.

I don't have the issue handy, but can anyone confirm why Absorbancy Boy was rejected? It seems like a pretty handy power to have, putting him on the level of Duplicate Boy (or Peter Petrelli and Sylar).

apl said...

If my wretched memory is correct, Dynamo Boy rejected Absorbancy Boy because one of the Dynamo-Belt rays showed AB was utterly incorruptable, and would never join DB's scheme.

Michael said...

Sorry, Allan, your wretched memory has failed you. If you substitute "Animal Lad" in your sentence, then you're correct.

Absorbancy Boy tried out for the Legion but was rejected. He reappeared shortly thereafter, breaking into LSH HQ where he absorbed the powers of several Legionnaires who had worn the Zoraz costume. He was defeated by Tyroc when he screamed at an ultrasonic pitch, and AB's super-hearing (borrowed from Superboy) couldn't cope. (Superboy 218)

Johnathan said...

Absorbancy Boy says (to himself) that the Legion said that his power was too limited. I always figured that this was a lie that they told him because they picked up on the fact that he was a total dick.

Jonathan Miller said...

Yeah, Legion v4 #11 was what I was thinking of when I mentioned Tenzil and the Batcave--his first appearance in v4, actually. Just couldn't remember the issue number.