Sunday, March 09, 2008

Legion cartoon: no news is bad news

In which I act like a real journalist by asking questions... the question being, is the animated Legion show coming back? In the past two years, this time of year the cast and crew were deep into recording and animation. This year? Silence. So I asked around.

  • Michael Cornacchia, voice of Bouncing Boy, via email: "I haven't heard anything."

  • A top production person, who asked not to be named publicly, also via email: "As for a third Legion season, I haven't heard of one yet (but I'm not always in the loop on these decisions)."

  • A Warner Bros. Animation [WBA] person who also asked not to be named publicly, also via email: "Don't hold your breath. Unofficially, what you're watching are the last of the Legion episodes. There's a new Batman series in the works, but other than that the only DC Universe stuff they're working on is for movies."

  • Steve Hulett of The Animation Guild: "I think you can forget WBA doing shows for KWB [KidsWB!]. Time-Warner isn't happy with the margins and so sloughed it off. Word I get is that the animation division, for the moment, will be focusing on direct-to-video features."

  • Mark Keefer, post-production sound guy: "All I know is that it hasn't been picked up at this point. We could get an order for 13 more, but usually the last people to know about such things are the ones that actually work on the show."

I wonder if it'll ever be cancelled, or just not picked up. I guess we'll know when they release the fall schedule at the upfronts next month. Remember, WB outsourced their Saturday morning block to 4Kids, so it's likely that the other KidsWB shows like Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo are toast as well.


Gloria said...

If the series is cancelled, that's a friggin' pity. I really like it, and the comics, too (specially the ones drawn by Serra)

Maybe it's because it has this old legion feeling which I sorely miss... Or maybe the "girls are icky" Grim n' Grittier approach of season 2 killed the hen who laid golden eggs?

Jim Drew said...

Of course, one of the direct-to-DVD items mentioned early on was The Great Darkness Saga, so there's always hope for more Legion cartoons in some form coming down the pike.

Michael said...

No, the Great Darkness DVD was only mentioned as something the fans wanted, not that it was anywhere close to being a proposal.

It was suggested by the fans in 2006 at San Diego and Wizard World Chicago, but it never went any further than that.

Anonymous said...

This just stinks - Legion's probably gone, Spidey probably won't last, either (it might actually cost money & 4Kids doesn't like that), and I'm one of the few people who likes the current Scooby, so I'll miss that, too. Yet all the pseudo-anime will stay. I'm starting to understand the complaints so many have about current cartoons being bad - we keep letting them cancel all of the good ones.

Infinity13307 said...

I was passive when Justice League Unlimited went off the air, because Cartoon Network flat out killed it with JLU's irregular scheduling (Who schedules a kids cartoon at 9:30 Saturday night?). I refuse to give up on the Legion though. Michael, given the high-profile nature of your site for Legion fans, do you care to spearhead the Save Legion efforts? If it's worked for prime-time shows like Jericho, maybe we can get WB to keep it going somewhere, even though it appears Cartoon Network may be the only option.

When the KidsWB news came out in the fall, I wasn't that upset, because at that point Season 2 wasn't doing much for me. It's since delivered some great episodes, and the promise is there for many more. After all, we haven't yet seen some of the Legion's best villains. For that matter, I'm still waiting to see the animated version of a few members!

Anonymous said...

I saw this confirmed over at The World's Finest:

This is horrible!

Terence Chua said...

I just saw the news at World's Finest, and while I'm sad at not getting any more animated Legion, I'm not terribly surprised. The second season just didn't have the punch of the first for me, the grimmer approach notwithstanding. I think the jumping ahead was a major mistake and it might have had a chance to build its audience if it had stuck to the Legion's brighter days.

Then again, I know how network executive logic works, so this might have been inevitable, no matter which way they had gone.

Gloria said...

Is there something that can be done to prevent it? Like sending letters to someone, etc...

Otherwise... damn it! I was so glad to see Bouncing Boy and Trips coming together again! and now they take that away from me!!

I'm gonna curse those responsible for the cancellation to the day they die.

Anonymous said...

Sad news about the cancel... And just like any other Legion storyline that gets cancelled, there are so many plots left untouched. Maybe this is why there has been so much silence, they didn't want to let it out that the show was cancelled so soon.

Anonymous said...

This is some very sad news, I really liked the darker tone of the series (expect for kell-el, imperiex, and lack of the girls ). I wonder if anyone is spearheading a campaign to save the series? It did worked to save Kim Possible and Jericho.

Reed Solomon said...

I expected it.

It would have been nice to get one more season though.